Chest Workout Ending with 10 x 10

Jason’s Chest Workout Ending with 10 x 10

There’s two reasons why I love Fridays; it’s the beginning of a long-overdue weekend, and more importantly, it’s my chest day. I must admit my diet has been a little off this week so my strength is down some. There’s truth to this statement: you cannot out train your diet! This morning was living proof. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get good chest workout.

I decided to change my chest workout a little today, which I generally do something different each week anyway. But this morning’s change was drastic as I ended my chest workout with the old school 10 x 10 weight lifting technique. 10 x 10 is part of the German Volume Training method and has been used by professional bodybuilders and athletes for several decades. Let’s get to the workout.

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Chest Workout Ending with 10 x 10

Incline Barbell Press: 4 sets x 10 reps (strict/controlled reps)

Decline Barbell Press: 5 sets x 6-12 reps (explosive reps)

Incline Dumbbell Flyes: 4 sets x 12 reps

Smith Machine Incline Press: 10 sets x 10 reps (30-45 second rest between sets)

It’s important to note that I used very strict and controlled reps for my first exercise, incline barbell press. When I got to decline barbell press, I used more explosive reps. I like to integrate both rep types because I feel that gives you the best of both worlds in building muscle tissue and increasing strength. My reps for flyes were also very slow and controlled.

I ended my chest workout with the German Volume Training method 10 x 10 on the Smith Machine barbell press. Basically my training partner (Big Mike) and I went back and forth on these sets. As soon as I finished a set, he jumped in and vice versa. We actually had to decreased the weight after the fourth set. This type of training leads to an incredible pump and I also feel like 10 x 10 will make you stronger. 10 x 10 will also increase your endurance with the amount of volume required. Try this out on your next chest day.

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