December 2013 Supplement Stack

Jason’s December 2013 Supplement Stack

It’s time for a supplement update. Like my usual supplement stack, this one consists of the basics but there’s a few minor changes and things I’m doing different. As always I have my basic protein, creatine, aminos, and pre workout. One interesting addition to this stack is the testosterone booster. I just ran out of Animal Pak so I’ll be picking up that or some sort of multi-vitamin today.

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Muscle Building Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

EVL ENGN Pre Workout

Physique Enhancing Science Amino IV (intra and post workout)

AllMax Creatine (intra and post workout)

Explicit Nutrition TestoTurbo

Spring Valley Fish Oil

December 2013 Suppleemnt StackAs you can see this supplement stack contains basic yet effective supplements for building muscle. You can’t beat amino acids and creatine for solid gains. There are tons of BCAA and creatine supplements but I’m taking some premium grade supplements this month. The amino supplements is called Amino IV from Physique Enhancing Science. It’s a blend of BCAAs and EAAs (branched chain amino acids and essential amino acids). There’s some more goodies in there as well. Bottom line, it’s loaded and the quality is pure. The creatine consists of Creapure, which is 100% pure micronized German creatine. This product is from AllMax Nutrition and they’re known for having the highest quality supplements on the market.

The test booster I’m taking is called TestoTurbo by a company named Explicit Nutrition. The company sent me a bottle of this and I’m on my 2nd of 3rd week, so be expecting a review on Testo Turbo soon. I don’t want to give any details of my experience quite yet until I finish the bottle.

That wraps it up for my December 2013 supplement stack. Hope you all enjoy the Christmas season!

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