April 2014 Supplement Stack

Jason’s April 2014 Supplement Stack

April 2014 Supplement StackI’m extremely late in posting my April 2014 supplement stack, but here it is. I’m actually trying out a couple of new supplements this month. I’ve been wanting to try Dymatize Xpand pre workout for a while now so I picked that up. And a supplement company sent me a bottle of Gamma-O to try, which I knew nothing about until now.

For the most part, this stack is similar to my recent supplement stacks. I take a pre workout, aminos (BCAAs) pre and post workout, a quality multi-vitamin, protein, fish oil, creatine, and sometimes a testosterone booster. Sounds like a lot but those are pretty basic supplements.

April 2014 Supplement Stack

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein (All Natural)

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

Dymatize Elite Recoup

Dymatize Xpand

All Max Creatine


Fish Oil

IllPumpYouUp.com Sq Banner

Another thing I’m doing a little different is I’m adding a scoop of BCAAs (Dymatize Recoup) to my pre workout drink, Xpand, and drinking that on the way to the gym. And for post workout I’m doubling my dose of┬áRecoup. I’ve seen a big difference with taking more BCAAs. And Recoup contains glutamine and B vitamins so I’m getting adequate amounts of those each day as well.

As far as the new supplements go, Xpand is a mediocre pre workout for me. It’s not bad but not my favorite. So I’ll probably go back to something that’s worked better for me┬ánext month. For Gamma-O, I haven’t noticed any substantial differences in strength but I have noticed some subtle changes in my physique. Since I’ve read up on it a bit more I’ve read both good and bad reviews. My review so far is middle of the road. I don’t see me ever buying it though.

That’s my supplement stack for this month. I anticipate the only changes for next month will be my pre workout, minus the Gamma-O, and I’ll be taking Titan from Warrior Labz. So stay tuned for that.

Train with Passion,

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