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Eat to Grow

Eat to Grow - MeatThere’s one thing that works better for getting big than any weightlifting technique, any supplement, and even anabolic steroids. Food. You can train with the latest equipment or any of the trendy training methods. You can stack creatine, BCAAs and the best known testosterone booster. You can even take the most advanced prohormones or roids. But all those will fall short if you’re not eating enough food to grow.

My favorite food in general is meat, especially red meat. I love a good sirloin steak or NY strip. I also like to cook burgers using lean ground beef and my special seasoning. But I like chicken too, if it’s cooked right. And sometimes I’ll even throw in some sausage or some type of pork (I limit those as they’re more fattening). You have to eat to grow, and eat meat to get huge.

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Eat Meat to Get Huge

The pic you see is what I cooked on Saturday for some friends. It’s lean ground beef burgers, smoked sausage, and grilled chicken breast strips. Like I said, I love meat and enjoy cooking what I call ‘meat medleys.’ And this weekend we had a superb meat medley.

We all know that your muscles need adequate amounts of protein daily to grow. There’s no way around it. And as much as I rely on protein powders for post workout and between meals throughout the day (and before bed as well), I do believe there’s an advantage to getting as much protein as possible from whole food meals.  And meats are a primary source of protein. There’s certain nutrients in meat your body needs, and also a little saturated fat from red meat can be good for you.

Protein, Carbs, & Fats

I’m not a believer in ‘one size fits all’ diets. We all have specific needs and our bodies react differently to various foods. For me, high protein, yet balanced meals work best. I need the carbs and a little bit of fats as well. Some people have a bad response to carbs in general while others need to minimize their dietary fat intake. The same with different types of proteins. Some people don’t respond well to red meat, for example. For some, lean proteins such as chicken breasts and fish work best. For others like myself, any kind of meat works wonders. In fact, I feel a little off if I go without red meat for more than a couple of days.

At the end of the day you have to experiment and find what kind of diet works best for you. I know for me eating meat keeps me strong and keeps my muscles looking full. I also don’t gain fat from meats, even steaks and ground beef, unless I’m eating a ton of carbs or mixing other types of fats with those meals. One of the perfect meals my body responds extremely well to is steak and sweet potatoes. Obviously I don’t load the sweet potatoes up with marshmallows or extra sugar (well, I do on occasion).

Most of you know I don’t compete in bodybuilding. Lifting is just something I’ve been passionate about from an early age. I remember when I started lifting weights around 15 years old; I didn’t know anything about nutrition. I ate good sometimes, but not consistently. I was also an extreme hardgainer and very skinny. It wasn’t until my mid-20’s when I started really packing on size, and that was simply because I started consuming more calories and more protein, mainly meat.

The point of this post is simple. Don’t neglect food in your quest for gaining size and strength. Break out that grill and throw on some steaks, some chicken, or whatever type of meat you like and respond well to. Eat, train, and grow!

Train (and eat) with Passion,


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