Summertime Fat Burner


It’s that time of the year. Over-induging with the excuse of it being mass season is over. We’re not in the heat of the summer and it’s time to show off the physique. Most of us, especially me, need a little help with that. So I’m going to take a moment to chat about a fat burner I came across last year.

I’ll say it a thousand times,if you want to lose fat you have to address the diet and cardio. This doesn’t mean you back off from lifting weights. If anything, lift harder. But my point is if you don’t have this down, or at least somewhat under control, then there’s not fat burner that can help you. Now that we have that covered…

Instant Knockout

The fat burner I came across is called Instant Knockout. This was originally intended for MMA fighters. Those are some extremely conditioned dudes. So I had to assume right away this has to be more than just another weight loss product. God knows we have enough of those.

Instant Knockout has been one of the few fat burners that I’ve actually gotten results from. Those of you who know me well know that I’m not a big fan of fat burners in general. I’ll share a few quick highlights (which you’ll find more in my review).

> Smooth energy with no crash

> Helps keep muscle mass while dieting

> Extreme conditioning, visible muscle detail and definition

> Ability to train harder and longer

> Can be used to replace your normal pre workout supplement

Understand that Instant Knockout isn’t one of those products with ridiculous claims to melt fat away within a few days. And it’s not something you want to take if you’re not serious about your training and getting in shape. What it will do is compliment all the hard work you put in and may help you get to that next level that diet and cardio alone may not do.

Check out my full in-depth Instant Knockout Review here.

Jasons Instant Knockout Review - Pullups


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