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It’s Monday which means it’s International Chest Day in most gyms around the world. My chest workout just happened to fall on Monday this week. My plan has been to work all of my muscles within 4 days and then start over. My workout schedule got a little screwed up last week due to me taking Memorial Day off and missing another day due to a short business trip. I’m back to my normal schedule this week.

Another note before getting into this morning’s workout is there was a ton of intensity. I went heavy but hit a lot of high rep sets, especially at the end of an exercise. I also used the rest-pause technique on many sets. This does wonders for completely exhausting the muscle.

Chest Workout

Bench Press:
5 x 15, 12, 5, 5, 5, 22

Incline Dumbbell Press:
5 x 12, 10, 7, 20

Hammer Strength Press:
3 x 20 (all rest-pause sets)

Cable Crossovers:
4 x 12, 12, 12, 20

Triceps Workout

Reverse Cable Pushdowns:
3 x 12
* superset with
Cable Pushdowns:
3 x 8-10

Seated Overheard Extensions Machine:
3 x 20 (rest-pause sets)

Single Rope Extensions:
7 x 8-15 (rest-pause sets)



Instant Knockout Review session

With the few high rep sets and rest-pause sets, I ended up getting a tremendous amount of reps this morning for both chest and triceps. But I also got some heavy lifting in as well. I’ve always been a fan of not limiting yourself to one style of training. You can go heavy and still get a lot of reps. And you can incorporate different techniques to exhaust the muscle.

I’ve decided that my 4 day split will be this: Chest & Triceps, Legs, Shoulders & Traps, Back & Biceps. So this week I’ll work chest and triceps again on Friday. With this training split I never go more than 6 days without training each muscle (unless there’s some sort of mishap or life event). I typically don’t train on weekends although I’ll hit some light random exercises if I bring my wife to the gym over the weekend (I have her train legs and back at the big gym on the weekends and she uses dumbbells at home for everything else).

Train with Passion,

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