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275 lb Incline Barbell Press | Jason Stallworth | TheMuscleProgram.comWednesdays have been my chest days on this new workout schedule I’m on. I used to train chest the day after back but I switched my leg and chest workouts so that it’s back, legs, then chest. Although my central nervous system takes a big hit on those heavy back and leg days, I feel my chest workouts are more effective having not trained any upper body part the prior day.

I started with three sets this week instead of four or more. It was time for a change and I feel I’m more zoned. It’s a good thing mentally because I tend to train harder each set knowing I only have three. However, I decided to end with seven sets for my final exercise, following the FST-7 training philosophy.

Heavy FST-7 Chest Workout

Incline Barbell Press:
3 sets x 7-10 reps

Decline Barbell Press:
3 sets x 5-6 reps

Dumbbell Press:
3 sets x 6-8 reps

Cable Crossovers:
7 sets x 15 reps




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I called this a heavy chest workout because I went very heavy for my first three exercises, which were all presses. However, I upped the reps on my final FST-7 exercise (7 x 15 for flyes). For me, this is the best of both worlds. Training heavy builds mass and gives your muscles that dense look. The higher reps help shape and tone the muscle.

This chest workout only took about 40 minutes. I had to rest a little more between sets on all of the presses since I was going heavier. For those last seven sets, I kept the rest to a minimum.

I hit both calves and abs afterwards. I did supersets for machine crunches and leg raises followed by more crunches. I then did an extended rest-pause set (75 reps total) for seated calves raises. I rode the bike for 30 minutes after that.

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