10×10 Shoulder Workout

I’ve been on this German Volume Training kick all week. This is the 10×10 method (10 sets of 10 reps). I chose three basic shoulder exercises this morning: seated barbell press, lateral raises, and barbell shrugs. This workout took about 40 minutes.

German Volume – Shoulders

Seated Barbell Press:
10 sets x 10 reps

Lateral Raises:
10 sets x 10 reps

Barbell Shrugs:
10 sets x 10 reps



Barbell Press 10x10 WorkoutThe key with German Volume Training is choosing a weight that you can pump out 20 or more reps with. This will obviously feel light for the first few sets. But your rest should be no more than 45 seconds between sets. I typically stick to 30-45 seconds (if I’m doing a more compound exercise, I may rest up to a minute once I get halfway through the 10 sets).

10 sets of 10 reps is tough both physically and mentally. Your body will tire and you will feel worn down. This is obviously a good thing. But it’s just as tough mentally. You may find yourself getting exhausted with set after set. But don’t quit; keep pushing!

I have one more day of German Volume Training. I had planned to do this for a week and next week I’ll switch it up to something else. I may stat integrating 10×10 more often though. I’m thinking every 3rd or 4th week. I’ll be doing this for arms tomorrow.

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