Deload Workout Quads and Back


My workouts have consisted of heavy lifting for the past several weeks. I’ve been doing my my own modified version of the 5×5 program (5 sets of 5 reps for core, compound exercises). My intent was to continue this workout for 4-6 weeks.

Although I do plan to stay on 5×5 until the end of the year (another couple weeks), I felt I needed a short break. My body has felt really beat up this week from the heavy training. Rather than taking days off from the gym, I decided to do a deload workout.

Legs & Back Deload Workout

Leg Press:
5 x 15, 5 x 10

Lat Pulldowns:
7 x 12

Hammer Strength High Rows:
7 x 12

This deload workout took about 35 minutes. And that’s idea. Shorter, less intense workouts. The whole point is to get a quick pump but not over do it.

I just wanted to hit a little back and quads. My chest is still sore from Wednesdays 5×5 workout. So I chose some basic exercises: leg press for quads, and lat pulldowns and a Hammer Strength machine for back.

Time off from the gym is sometimes necessary. I personally prefer doing a few days, or even a week or so, of deload workouts. I’m the type of person that loses muscle and strength very quickly if I’m out of the gym. Deloading helps me to at least maintain.

I’ll rest up over the weekend and start back on my normal 5×5 workouts Monday morning. I think today’s deload workout helped. I also hit a short shoulder workout yesterday which could be considered a deload workout as well.

Train with Passion,


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