Quadzilla Workout

Since I’ve been on the 5 x 5 training program I haven’t had a dedicated workout for legs in several weeks. Now that I’m changing my workouts up, I dedicated this morning to quads. Due to the brutality and volume, I’m calling this my Quadzilla Workout.

Quad Workout – Quadzilla

Leg Extensions:
10 sets x 10 reps

5 sets x 8 reps

Leg Press:
5 sets x 10 reps

Leg Press (close foot stance):
3 rest pause sets x 25-30 reps *

* Rest pause sets were done with a weight I could do 15 or so reps with followed by 7 seconds of rest, and repeat

I started out with the German Volume Training style with leg extensions, 10 x 10. This served as a great warm up. I went up a little in weight every third set. This was also a good way to pre-exhaust my quads before going into squats.

I did my squats on the plate-loaded machine. This has been the norm for me for a while as it doesn’t involve my lower back near as much as free weight squats.

I normally train quads and hamstrings together. I was so exhausted after training quads I decided to post-pone hams. I decided to do a few exercises for traps instead. So my quadzilla workout was just quads as far as legs go.

Tomorrow I plan to hit hamstrings with shoulders. That’s kind of an odd mix but sometimes it’s good to try new things. Tomorrow will also be my last workout of the week.

Train with Passion,


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