The Quad Sweep Workout

Other that sheer mass, the quad sweep is what sets apart great legs from mediocre ones. The sweep is known as your outer quads. It gives your legs that full dimensional look.

I’m going to share this morning’s leg workout which places focus on the outer quads.  Much of this can be achieved with a narrow stance (placing your feet close together). The common exercises you can do this with are leg press and any sort of squat (whether free weight squats or machines like the Smith Machine or Hack Squats).

Quad Sweep Focused Workout

Leg Press: 5 x 20

* Plate-Loaded Squats:  4 x 12

* Leg Press: 4 x 15

Leg Extensions: 4 x 20 (final set = triple drop set)

Hammer Strength Leg Curls: 4 x 12, 1 x 20

Seated Leg Curls: 4 x 12 (final set = drop set)

* The exercises with an asterisk were done with a narrow stance

Narrow Stance Leg Press & Squats

Using this narrow stance is key to building those outer muscles of the quads known as the quad sweep. This is more challenging than using the normal foot position. So you will need to drastically reduce the amount of weight you use.

I also recommend sticking to the higher end of rep ranges. I like the 12-15 rep range for legs in general. Sometimes I’ll go even higher. Your quads have more slow twitch muscle fibers and respond better to high reps. This is hard for some to grasp as we think ‘heavy squats for big legs.’ That philosophy will certainly help you get stronger but it heavy weights do not necessarily equate to big legs when it comes to leg training.

Stretching, Calves, & Cardio

I made sure I stretched really good between sets, especially towards the end. Stretching is something I’ve neglected over the years and I’m starting to pay more attention to that. And stretching is crucial for leg day.

At the end of my leg workout I hit some calves. I did 4 sets of seated calve raises (this one where you load the plates on the front). Total reps for each set was 20. I performed 10 very strict reps followed by 10 more ‘pump’ reps. After that, I walked for 30 minutes for cardio.

Train with Passion,






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