Jason’s Supplement Stack – July 2016

It’s time to share my current supplement stack with you all. I’m also excited to tell you about a brand new vitamin that I’m trying out as well as a new pre workout. I will talk more about those below.

All of my supplement stacks are based around enhancing performance and recovery. In theory, that’s what supplements are for in order to build lean muscle. I would say this particular supplement stack is based more on recovery in more ways than one.

Jason’s Supplement Stack

  • Dymatize Elite Whey Protein
  • Scivation Xtend
  • Man Sports Game Day
  • Goldman Laboratories Liposomal Vitamin C

This is probably the most basic supplement stack I’ve ever been on. It supports my extra protein requirements with the whey (which I drink several times a day). The amino acid formula (BCAAs and Glutamine) adds recovery benefits during my workouts.

I have a pretty strong pre workout to get me going in the morning. Lastly, I’m taking a potent Vitamin C formula called Liposomal Vitamin C. I want to now dig into each supplement in more detail in regards to how I take it, and how it works for me.

Supplement Stack July 2016

Goldman Laboratories Liposomal Vitamin C

I’ve been taking Liposomal Vitamin C by Goldman Laboratories for almost a month. This a new supplement that was sent to me to try.

To give this an honest shot, I stopped taking my multi-vitamins and have just been taking Liposomal Vitamin C twice a day. I will of course jump back on my multi-vitamins once I’m finished, which should be this week. You can read my full review by clicking here.

Man Sports Game Day

I picked up Game Day at Southern Muscle a week or so ago. I had just ran out of Stimul8 and wanted to try something new and different.

I’m only taking one scoop pre workout, which is as soon as I wake up (around 4:30AM). I’ve been taking Game Day for a little over a week and the effects haven’t worn off at all. I’ll be posting a full review on this in a couple of weeks.

Dymatize Elite Whey

As many of you know, I’ve been using Dymatize Elite Whey for several years now. I’m a big fan of not changing something if it’s working (aka: if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it).

Whey protein is the most beneficial post workout, as that’s the time you need fast-digesting protein. I use two scoops of whey with my post workout shake. I also make another shake between lunch and dinner, and I’ll often have one scoop with some peanut butter before bed.

Scivation Xtend

Xtend is one of the premium BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) supplements, in my opinion. I also like the fact that it has glutamine, as that’s essential for recovery.

I take two servings of Xtend during my workouts. I sip on one serving while weight training and another during cardio. I’ll usually take a serving or two on the weekends too(post-yard work!).

Performance and Recovery Supplements

Supplements are all about enhancing performance and recovery. They’re not magic pills or powders. But they can indeed make a substantial difference in muscle size and increasing strength if you’re training hard. And supplements like vitamins and amino acids are essential to overall health.

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