Strength Training with Prime Male – Week 3

I wanted to provide another update on my strength training workout program while taking Prime Male. I’ll say up front that I’m happy with my results so far.

I’m going to list out the first core exercise I did this week for each body part. These are the compound movements I went heavy on.

Prime Male

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Compound Exercises for Strength

  • Monday – Back
    • Deadlifts – I started out with deadlifts on back day. After a couple warm up sets I jumped into my working sets. I don’t go super heavy on these due to my lower back issues. So far I’ve been fortunate and have not gotten hurt. In fact, my lower back feels better. None the less, I do deadlifts with caution. That said, I believe deadlifts are the best exercise for gaining strength and overall mass.
  • Tuesday – Chest
    • Incline Bench Press – Though my goal for chest is to increase my bench press, I make sure I don’t neglect my upper chest. So I’m start my chest workout with incline bench press every 2nd or 3rd chest day. If you get strong on incline, you’ll increase your bench press as well. I post my chest workout earlier this week and you can read about it here.
  • Wednesday – Legs
    • Leg Press – I usually start leg day with a few sets of leg extensions to warm up my quads. Leg press is my core exercise for legs. I would rather have squats as my core leg exercise but again, with my lower back I have to be careful. So I go heavier on leg press and lighter on squats. Also, I don’t do low reps for legs. My quads respond better to higher reps. But I still go pretty heavy, as long as I can get at least 8 reps on the final heavy set.
  • Thursday – Shoulders
    • Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Press – I normally do seated barbell press for my heavy compound exercise for shoulders. This week I chose the Hammer Strength machine for behind the neck (which is really more like a normal overhead press). I like this exercise because it’s plate-loaded and doesn’t feel like a machine.

What about Arms?

I didn’t list arms because they’re not considered core muscles for gaining strength. However, I do train arms, and I train them hard. I do some biceps after back and triceps after chest. And today (Friday), I hit them again along with some leg extensions.

I also train calves a couple of times a week. And I may hit an ab exercise here and there. I’m still walking on an incline for 20-30 minutes after my workouts too (I use that time to also study Thai language).

Prime Male Results

Before I wrap this up, I want to point out some things I believe Prime Male has helped with. For starters, my strength has indeed gone up. I have a long way to go to reach my strength goals. But I can tell that I’ve gotten stronger faster since I’ve been taking Prime Male.

I lose strength fast if I’m not training heavy. And if you remember when I started this strength training workout series with Prime Male, I had not been training heavy. I was doing more volume with moderate weights. In the past when I’ve gone back to training heavy, it took a while for me to get back up there in weight.

My workouts on Prime Male have been more intense and I also feel like I have more energy overall. These changes are extreme or substantial. But enough to be worthy of noting.

I’ll be updating you again next week on my strength training workouts with Prime Male. I usually don’t train on the weekends. I plan to eat a lot of good food, relax, and recover this weekend.

Train with Passion,


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