2016 Presidential Election

Don’t Let the 2016 Presidential Election Steal Your Gains

Turn on your TV or pull up the internet and you’ll immediately be flooded with political agenda-driven media. There’s no escaping it.

One things is clear; this 2016 Presidential Election has created an extreme division among us. There’s a lot of angry people walking around as a result. And yes, they’re on both sides of the fence, Republicans and Democrats. They’re all bickering about how our country is doomed if he or she becomes our next President of the United States.

Now you’re automatically categorized as ‘this‘ or ‘that‘ if you’re voting for the other side (whichever side that may be). And people are practically putting their lives on hold worrying about the outcome of this election. What do I say to this?

Don’t let this 2016 presidential election steal your gains in the gym!

Vote how you want to vote, and move on. Instead sitting at home getting pissed off at the biased media, go to the gym. Rather than getting upset at someone who doesn’t share your political views, offer to take that person to the gym and give them a spot on the bench press. Worrying about the election isn’t going to help you build muscle. If anything, the constant worrying will destroy your gains!

Where do I stand? I’m not political by nature. The back-and-forth on who’s right or wrong has never interested me. That said, I’ve never been hardcore right or left wing (I’m registered as an Independent; not saying that’s right; it’s simply what I choose).

I tend to believe that most yes’s have conditions and no’s have exceptions. Life is circumstantial and there’s rarely a blanket answer that covers all. I sway the left on some things and to the right on others.

I don’t believe that there’s a right or wrong side. People have their reasons for their views and beliefs. I see the good in both. I also see flaws in both. The intended point of having Republican and Democratic parties was to maintain balance. ‘Your rights end where someone else’s begins’ kind of thing.

The truth is I know great people and have close friends on both sides. And many of those folks feel very strong about their political party and views. But now we seem to be at war with one another. We’re labeling one another and it’s sickening.

We must learn to accept that just because someone isn’t voting for your preferred candidate doesn’t make them a bad person. You have to understand that they feel just as strong about their political views as you do. And you both probably have valid reasons for your opinions.

I challenge you to not put your life on hold for this presidential election. And don’t label your friend or neighbor just because they don’t share your views. Just go vote for whoever you’re going to vote for and know that when it’s all said and done, it’s out of your control. You still have to live your life. But in the meantime, don’t let this thing stop you from living.

So turn off the TV, log off Facebook, and go to the gym and train your ass off! Regardless of which side you choose politically, the weights are all the same and they’re ‘waiting‘ for you to lift them (sorry for the pun).

Train with Passion,


About the Author Jason Stallworth