Bench Press Workout: 2nd Chest Workout of the Week


Friday is usually my arm day but I’ll also train one or two more muscles as well. Today I started my workout with bench press. And I’m going to share my bench press workout with you below.

Let me first admit that bench press has never been my strong point. It’s always been a challenge and I’ve struggled with it. However, I ‘press’ on!

Bench Press Workout for Strength

This bench press workout is geared towards increasing strength, and of course increasing bench press. You’re using heavy weights and ending with a final set of high reps.

  • 135 x 12 reps – warmup set
  • 225 x 10 reps – warmup set
  • 275 x 5 reps
  • 285 x 5 reps
  • 315 x 4 reps
  • 345 x 1 rep
  • 225 x 20 reps

* I posting this morning’s numbers to use as a guide

In my current workout routine, my chest day is on Tuesdays. So whatever I train on Fridays is extra, and I don’t do a full workout for that muscle that I’m hitting for the second time that week.

My purpose for doing this bench press workout for chest is I want to increase my bench press over the next few weeks. Now, I’m not so caught up in numbers but I know my bench press is weaker than usual right now. So it’s time to beef it up. And this type of workout should help me go up in weight.

My Current Workout Routine

I mentioned that Tuesday is typically my chest day. So I’ll quickly share my current workout routine here:

Monday: Back, Biceps

Tuesday: Chest, Triceps

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Shoulders, Traps

Friday: Bench Press, Arms

* I hit calves and abs 2-3 times a week and also do a little cards after lifting 5 days a week

Bench Press for Muscle Gains

There’s no debate that bench press is one of the best exercises you can do to increase strength and gain muscle. In theory, the more you overload your muscles, the bigger your muscles can grow, assuming that you have proper recovery (nutrition, supplements, intra-post workout aminos, protein, etc.).

Again, I don’t get caught up in how much I can bench. It’s never been my strongest lift. And I am by no means a powerlifter.

Whereas I want to get stronger, my ultimate goal has always been muscular development. I want a balance of both strength and that big, ripped, and defined look. So I do more of a bodybuilding-style chest workout earlier in the week, and this strength-focused bench press workout later in the week. Try it out!

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