1 Exercise and 1 Trick for Bigger Biceps

I started a new workout routine this week based on the Push, Pull, Legs concept. I did a Pull Workout this morning, which included back, traps and biceps.

I’ll share my new workout routine in a future post (later this week). For now, I want to talk about a specific exercise and technique I used for bigger biceps.

One Bicep Exercise for Bigger Biceps

I’m not going to say that there’s one almighty biceps exercise. And the technique below can be applied to any exercise. But I’m going to talk about one specific exercise for biceps that really targets the muscle. Seated dumbbell curls.

Seated dumbbell curls force you to use your biceps. You cant jerk or cheat. Or at least this position makes it more difficult. At any rate, the goal here is to use just your biceps. And seated dumbbell curls does the trick. Not to mention, this exercise with give your arms that extreme pump!

One Workout Technique

Alright, now for the technique I used. Actually I don’t know if this has an official name. I’m basically alternating the way to perform the curls each set.

For the first, third, and final set I curl the dumbbells with both arms simultaneously. For the sets in between those, I use a little heavier weight and do alternating curls (for less reps).

Bigger Biceps Workout

  • Set 1 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 12 reps, simultaneously
  • Set 2 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 8 reps, alternating
  • Set 3 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 12 reps, simultaneously
  • Set 4 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 8 reps, alternating
  • Set 5 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 12 reps, simultaneously
  • Set 6 – Seated Dumbbell Curls
    • 8 reps, alternating


  • Make sure you’re firmly seated. My gym has a seat with a foot-platform. This helps you stabilize your body (no swaying). If you’re gym doesn’t have one, make sure you’re secured to where you don’t sway your body when you curl the weight.
  • Rest about 45 seconds between sets
  • The weight you use on the even-numbered sets for 8 reps should be 5-10 lbs heavier than what you use for the odd-numbered sets.
  • Focus on the contracting the muscle at the peak of the movement (flex) and control the weight on the descent (negative).

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Is One Biceps Exercise Enough?

The number or exercises, as well as how many sets and reps, seems to be a never-ending debate. Truth is, there is no magic number. In my opinion, most everything works but it may only work for a certain period of time. You have to switch things up.

On that note, I’m coming off of high volume workouts and going into shorter, more intense workouts (I’ve expanded my training to add some martial arts). In this case, one exercise for biceps is perfect. In fact, you’re still getting adequate volume for growth with doing 6 sets. And with the variation, it’s like doing 3 sets of 2 biceps exercises. The key to the shorter workouts is intensity.

Bigger Biceps for Sleeve-Busting Arms?

Ideally, you want to focus more on your triceps. Or if nothing else, give as much attention to them as you do your biceps. Your triceps make up the majority of your arm mass; about 2/3’s.

I know this post is geared towards bigger biceps, but make sure you’re not neglecting your triceps. You want your arms to have that 3-dimensional look.

Try this exercise and technique for bigger biceps and let me know how it works for you!

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