Get Bodybuilder Legs with these Two Exercises


If you want bodybuilder legs, I’ve got two exercises you need to do every leg workout. I’m also going to share the specific techniques for these two leg exercises that will make your quads grow the size of tree trunks.

First let’s clear the air. A leg workout should not be complicated. Many try to stray for the basics and do all kinds of weird stuff. So I’m going to simplify how to get bodybuilder legs. The secret is a dual effort of the exercises and techniques I use.

Bodybuilder Leg with Squats: 5×5

It should be no surprise that squats are part of the equation to getting bodybuilder legs and huge quads. Squats have been said by many professional bodybuilders and strength athletes to be the king of all exercises.

There’s a specific technique that will boost your strength, size, and muscularity in your legs. It’s called 5×5. This means five sets of 5 reps.

There’s a few ways you can do this, but I’m going to give you my preferred way (or at least the way I do 5×5). Before my working set, I do two warm-up sets. From there, I do my first working set with a weight I can do 10-12 reps with but I only do five reps. I progressively go up in weight each set thereafter. *Some people will pick a heavy weight and do 5×5 with that same weight.

Here’s an example from my latest leg workout using 5×5 for squats:

  • Set 1: 225
  • Set 2: 275
  • Set 3: 295
  • Set 4: 315
  • Set 5: 335

Leg Press with Full Reps

Leg press is an awesome exercise to get bodybuilder legs. But most people I see doing leg press do it wrong. They’re attempting to lift too much weight and as a result, they’re only doing half-reps, if that.

Since you’ve already gone heavy with squats, it’s time to go for more reps. Leg press is the perfect leg exercise to do this with. If you do it right, you can get some deep reps and really dig into those muscles.

I prefer to do anywhere from 12 to 20 reps for leg press, but not less than 12. I’ve personally found that legs respond to higher reps in general. This technique also adds more overall volume to your leg workout, which results in massive muscle growth.

Here’s my latest leg press workout (this was done after doing 5×5 squats):

  • 7 sets x 12 reps

Sometimes I may do a little more or less set, and sometimes I’ll go up to 20 reps (ex: 5×20).

Bodybuilder Legs with Heavy Squats and High Rep Leg Press

This leg workout gives you the best of both worlds in regards to size and strength. The heavy 5×5 squats will grant you power and strength, and will also add overall size to your physique. The high reps leg presses will add muscle size and give you the shape you want in your quads, aka bodybuilder legs.

You can add other exercises such as leg extensions, leg curls, and lunges. But if you do the above techniques for squats and leg press, you may find that you can’t do anymore as you wobble out of the gym.

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