Instrumental Metal Workout Music: Songs for Your Workout Videos


If you’re looking for instrumental metal songs for your workout videos, you’ve come to the right spot because I want to share an album series with you called Heavy Metal Workout.

Heavy Metal Workout is NOT a playlist of songs from multiple bands. This metal music series was specifically written and recorded for workout music.

There’s two interesting notes about Heavy Metal Workout:

  1. Instrumental metal music (no vocals)
  2. All original music for metal workout music

As of now, there are two albums: Heavy Metal Workout and Heavy Metal Workout II. These are perfect metal songs for your workout videos.

*You can buy these albums on iTunes or Amazon and add them to your YouTube videos for background music. 

Heavy Metal Workout was released in 2016 and it’s more of a chunky, classic metal style. Think of Metallica, some Megadeth, and Primal Fear.

Heavy Metal Workout II is more aggressive and has a melodic death metal vibe to it. Think of bands like Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Exodus and Children of Bodom.

Links for both albums with metal songs for your videos:

Heavy Metal Workout



Heavy Metal Workout II



Metal Songs for Your Workout Videos

Both Heavy Metal Workout albums have extremely cool song names that are related to working out and bodybuilding. Names like Death Lift, Attack of Quadzilla, Train Insane, Jacked…and the names match the songs when it comes to intensity.

Click on the links above to get both albums. You can add these songs for your workout videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other format you use for workout videos.

Quick Tutorial & Steps for Adding Songs to Videos in iMovie:

  1. Make sure the music you buy from iTunes and Amazon is downloaded to your computer/device
  2. Open iMovie
  3. Drag video into iMovie (or import)
  4. Go to Audio towards the top of the screen
  5. Search for the song for your workout video
  6. Click on or drag song into your video

Once the song for your workout video is in iMovie, you can cut, shorten, and move the song around within your workout video.

Train with Passion, and Keep it Metal!


About the Author Jason Stallworth