Tools of the Trade: Gym Gear for Weightlifters and Bodybuilders

Tools of the Trade Gym Gear Weightlifters Bodybuilders

There are tools for every trade, and weightlifting is no exception. Sure, you can just show up at the gym and workout, but there’s gym gear that can help you have more effective workouts.

I call these Tools of the Trade – gym gear for weightlifters and bodybuilders (and anyone that’s in the iron game). I’m going to go over what I have in my personal gym bag, and how and why I use each item.

Gym Gear – Tools of the Trade

Gym Towel

Although these are in no particular order, I’m going to just say that a gym towel is an absolute must for gym gear. When you’re working out, you sweat, or at least you should. So you need a gym towel to wipe your face and body (and in my case, my head; I’m bald).

It’s also (and more importantly) an act of courtesy to use a Gym Towel on the equipment. I lay my gym towel on every piece of equipment I use in the gym, especially benches.


Weightlifting Belt

I just recently started using a weightlifting belt after going many years of not using one. I’m doing more compound exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, and I’ve found that using a weightlifting belt has helped keep my lower back secure during these heavy lifts. You’ll see most bodybuilders, weightlifters, and powerlifters using a belt with those heavier compound exercises.

There are many types of weightlifting belts to choose from. I personally use Nike Structured Weightlifting Belt. This belt covers my lower back area more than standard weightlifting belts. And I like the fact that it’s velcro so I can get it as tight as I need.


Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps aren’t a necessity to some but if you’re lifting heavy weights, they sure come in handy. Your grip will more than likely give out before your muscles do. A perfect example is deadlifts and barbell rows.

I don’t typically use lifting straps for every set. I only use them for the heavier sets, which are generally my last 2-3 sets. When the goal is to stimulate and overload the muscle, lifting straps will indeed help for bodybuilders, powerlifters and weightlifters.


Dip Belt with Chain

Some gyms have these but many don’t. A weightlifting belt with a chain. These belts are used to add weight to bodyweight exercises such as dips and pull-ups.

I just bought the a Harbinger Polypropylene Dip Belt with 30-Inch Steel Chain while back. I was surprised how inexpensive this was on Amazon. And Im glad I have it now; I use it several times a week as I do a lot of dips and pull-ups (I use this belt with a chain more with dips).

Workout Gloves

This is an item you won’t see in my pic above. I’ve gone back and forth on using workout gloves over the years. I currently do not use them. I prefer to feel the bar around my hands. Wearing workout gloves just didn’t feel right to me. But I know that many people use them.

If you’re going to wear workout gloves, I recommend going with a reputable brand, such as Harbinger Pro Wristwrap Weightlifting Gloves. I’ve used other brands that were cheaper and they didn’t last long.


Gym Bag

Finally, you need something to put all of your gym gear in. I used to carry a small gym bag with a drawstring (I actually have several of these laying around somewhere). But that’s not enough to carry all of my gym gear. So I recently bought me and my wife bigger gym bags.

We got the Under Armour Storm Undeniable II large duffle bag. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I love this bag so far! There’s a lot of little compartments for different items. It’s been perfect for both of us (hers is pink, mine is black).


These are my tools of the trade for weightlifters and bodybuilders. Anytime you see me in the gym, you’ll see me with my gym bag packed full of gym gear.

Let me know your thoughts and please share what gym gear you use.

Train with Passion,


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