Week 2 Day 3 – Squat Day: Strength and Conditioning Workout

I actually get anxious about Squat Day! I know it’s going to be brutal but when it comes to strength training, you have to embrace the fact that your workouts are going to be tough. This is especially true for lower body training.

I’ll get a little personal here (which is my M.O. anyway!); the reason I look forward to Squat Day is because this is a weak area for me. I’m nowhere near where I want to be as far as weight, but this new strength and conditioning workout program I’m on is getting there.

On that note, if this is an area you want to bring up and you’re struggling, make sure your focused on form first. There’s an old saying ‘Go light and do it right.’ None of us like the hear the word light when it comes to the weights but if you go heavy with bad form, you’re asking for injury. Enough of my soap box; let’s get on with the workout!

Squat Day Workout

Phase 1
A – Jump Squats (bodyweight)
B – Squats
*4 sets x 8 reps except for the last 3 sets of squats, which I only did 5 reps – I felt like going a little heavier than prescribed in the program
Phase 2
A – Jump Squats (bodyweight)
B – Front Squats
C – Decline Situps
*4 sets x 8 reps
Phase 3
A – Good Mornings
B – Leg Raises
*4 sets x 8 reps

Squats on Top of Squats, and More Squats

When doing squats, I recommend progressively going up each set. Some will do a warm-up set or two and then going right into the heavy squats. But I personally feel it’s best to gradually go up in weight each set. This gets your quads and glutes prepared for those last few heavy sets. Not to mention, these early sets with moderate weight give you the volume (reps) you need to build the muscle. So in essence, by gradually going up each set, you’re getting bigger and stronger.
The front squats are equally brutal to regular squats. I haven’t done these in years until I started this new strength and conditioning workout program. Of course you’re doing front afters after regular squats, which makes them even tougher.
I’m dropping all the way down, calves touching hamstrings on front squats. And I’m using about half of the weight I use for regular squats. I also threw in another exercise (‘C’ in Phase 2) after front squats. Hitting the various antagonist exercises surrounding front squats has a ‘huge‘ impact on both your strength and conditioning. Needless to say that four rounds of that had me winded!
I’ll posting my final workout for Week 2 of my new strength and conditioning workout program tomorrow morning, which will be based on shoulder press and weighted pull-ups!
Train with Passion,
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