3 Week Diet Review

Fact: The only way to get ripped and gain lean muscle is through nutrition. There’s no magic fat burning pill and no shortcuts. I know that’s not what you wanted to hear!

The truth is that a sensible diet plan is pretty simple. But many of us, myself included, need a nutrition guide that’s easy to follow. This leads me to my 3 Week Diet review.

What is the 3 Week Diet?

3 Week Diet is a science-based approach to diet and nutrition. Although you expect to lose body fat, this isn’t one of the typical weight loss plans.

The idea behind the 3 Week Diet plan was to develop an easy-to-follow system that works specifically for your body. You’ll learn the effects of specific nutrients and how certain foods can make you lose or gain weight.

Here’s a quick note about the author of the 3 Week Diet, Brian Flatt (I think it’s important to share the credentials of the creator). Brian is a nutritionist, professional trainer, and weight loss coach. He has studied over 500 medical journals and has reviewed hundreds to diet systems, which led him to create the 3 Week Diet based on science.

3 Week Diet details:


3 Week Diet Review

I’m always skeptical of diet plans and nutrition guides. There’s so many books to choose from, both good and bad. But one of the key things I look for are credentials, which I shared Brian Flatt’s above.

The 3 Week Diet is actually more than just a book; you get 4 eBooks here. Here’s what the 3 Week Diet program consists of:

  • Introduction to the 3 Week Diet –  In depth explanation of the science behind this nutrition system and what to expect.
  • Diet Manual – Shows you how to calculate your lean body mass vs. fat percentage, and tailored diet plan specific to your body type.
  • Workout Manual – A workout plan that will compliment the 3 Week Diet and double your results.
  • Mindset & Motivation Manual – This is where most diet plans fail. The 3 Week Diet proves you with techniques to stay focused and encouraged. Never give up! It’s kind of like ‘Goonies Never Say Die!’ Yes, I’m an 80’s kid.

As you can see, you get the full spectrum of fat loss and gaining lean muscle with the 3 Week Diet. That’s pretty exciting to me. Now, let me cover a bit more in depth of the contents.

3 Week Diet Overview:

  • How the 3 Week Diet works
  • Why is this diet only 3 weeks?
  • 21 days to make a habit
  • The difference between fat loss vs weight loss
  • How our bodies respond to nutrients
  • Impact of protein, carbs, and fats
  • The truth behind the food pyramid
  • The extreme importance of dietary fiber
  • Fiber, metabolism and triglycerides
  • The root cause of getting fat
  • How often we should eat
  • Essentials of the 3 Week Diet plan
  • Workouts to kick-start fat loss
  • Proven techniques to help you stay mentally focused

Get the full list of details here: 3WeekDiet.com

All of these are crucial points to both fat loss and gaining lean muscle. But more than that, it’s about our health and our quality of life. In my 3 Week Diet review, I can see that no stone was left uncovered to getting healthy and attaining a nice-looking physique.

What’s So Special About 2 Weeks?

You have to get the term weight loss out of your mind. That’s a key point I want to make in my 3 Week Diet review. Because you can lose weight and still be unhealthy. Rather, think fat loss.

I also want you to think about gaining muscle. Now I’m not talking about getting bulky muscle, which in my opinion there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I want you to think in terms of gaining lean muscle on the 3 Week Diet. Because the more lean muscle you have, the better your body can burn fat.

 Starting the 3 Week Diet

There’s no better time than now. In my experience, if we don’t act on the idea right away, that idea fades. We make excuses, we get lazy, and so forth. And nothing happens.

You read more and order the 3 Week Diet directly from their website:

3WeekDiet.com – Read More & Order

Make sure you’re ready to commit to this meal plan before starting the 3 Week Diet. Don’t let the be like those many exercise machines you see in someones house with clothes hanging on it!

Seriously though, order the 3 Week Diet and start NOW. Or if you don’t start this program, start some sort of diet plan. In my experience, when we procrastinate, we usually end up doing nothing.

Also, I’m interested to know your thoughts on the 3 Week Diet once you start it, so please send me your comments.

Train with Passion,


The 3 Week Diet

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