Below you’ll find a list of weight training articles and related content I’ve written from the beginning of the time I start TheMuscleProgram to current. These are a mixture of my workout philosophies, training tips, supplement information, nutrition tips and life in general.

Jason’s Fitness Articles

2013 Mr. Olympia Predictions

Avoiding Knee Pain

Back Training Fundamentals

Benefits of Consistent Weight Training for Older Men

Benefits of Oyster Extract

Benefits of Taking ZMA

Biceps Training Fundamentals

Bodybuilding or Powerlifting

Boosting Test over 40

Build More Muscle in 2012

Chest Training Fundamentals

Complete Muscle Failure

Controlled Reps and Pump Sets

Essentials to Building a Home Gym

Exercises that Increase Testosterone

Deadlifting with Lower Back Problems

Deload Principle: When to Back Off

Do Natural Testosterone Boosters Work?

Ego Lifting

Explosive Rep Training

Fast Reps vs Slow Reps

Focusing on Negative Reps

German Volume Training

Getting Stronger with Powerbuilding

Grow While You Sleep

Health Risks of Vitamin C Deficiency

Heavy Lifting: The Natural Test Booster

High Reps vs Low Reps

High Volume vs Low Volume Training

How to Get Big

Mega-Dosing Supplements

My Grocery List

Old School Supplements

Old School Weight Training

Protein Powders vs Whole Foods

Pump and Grow

Rest-Pause Sets for New Muscle Growth

Straight Sets vs Supersets

Testosterone Boosters with Oyster Extract

The Irrelevance of Rep Range

The Recreational Bodybuilder

Tips on Choosing the Right Gym

Training for Strength vs Building Muscle

Tried and True Basics

Variations of Cable Crossovers

Weight Training with Injuries