Boosting Test Over 40


Light Deadlifts FinishI don’t know if there’s a magical age when male testosterone drastically declines but most medical experts claim this process starts around 30 years old. I personally started to feel these effects in my mid-30’s. But when I hit the 40 mark, these effects were substantiated.

One thing I’ve learned from my own experience as well as my obervations of others is that the older you get the more imperative it is to stay active and exercise consistently. It’s very easy to get into the ‘couch potato’ rut at this age. At this point in our lives, for the most part, we’re a bit more stable than in our younger years. I know I have a tendancy to want to relax more these days (and I do enjoy my TV time on the couch).

There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your years of labor, but relaxing too much can wreak havoc on your already declining testosterone.The solution is simple: daily activity. If all you do is go to work, come home and eat and watch TV, then do it all over again the next day, not only will your test levels take a hit but so will your health. You have to schedule times to exercise. In fact, you need to be lifting weights several times a week.

There’s a direct correlation between weight training and increased testosterone. I’ve heard many men pass off lifting weights as something they did in their youth. Maybe they played sports in high school or college that required strength training. Then once the family and career life kicked in, the gym became an extreme after thought. The golden years are gone, along with the strength, physique, drive, and energy. If that’s where you are it’s time to turn the ship around starting today.

Cardiovascular exercise is also an important factor. Remember, increasing testosterone is more than just muscle. It’s about overall health. 30 minutes of walking 4-5 days a week will do wonders for test levels and health. I generally do my cardio exercise right after I finish lifting weights; knock it all out in one session.

I can’t move on from strength training and cardio to increase testosterone in men over 40 without addressing nutrition. Notice I did not say the evil word diet. Many people that go on diets are malnourished. Your body needs specific nutrients to build muscle, drop the pounds, and yes, to help maintain healthy levels of testosterone. I’ve never been a fan of super strict diet plans with the exception of training for a competition. I’m a big fan of food in general. Lean cuts of meat, carbohydrates that your body can use for energy, and some healthy fats – that’s the nutrition plan that will help you get back that vigor and keep you strong.

There’s another element of maintaining healthy testosterone at an older age. Supplements. Let me first say there’s no miracle pill out there that’s going to work overnight. Not yet, anyway. And no supplements, or drugs for that matter, will make up for poor nutrition and lack of exercise. But there are a few worthy products out there that can help.

My preferred testosterone booster for us older guys is called Prime Male. In fact, Prime Male was specifically formulated for men over 30, which is when test levels start to decline. This supplement has a list of powerful ingredients with each one being effectively dosed (most natural test boosters are underdosed). Prime Male is something I personally take from time and time and I can attest to the increased energy, drive, and increased strength and muscularity. You can read my full Prime Male Review here.

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