Do Natural Test Boosters Work?

My first and instinctive answer is no. Natural test boosters do not work. In fact, I don’t see how any over the counter supplement can significantly increase your testosterone. If that were true we wouldn’t have a need for doctors prescribing real testosterone.

The truth is I don’t know if natural test boosters increase testosterone or not. This may shock some, but I really don’t care. If my concern is increasing my testosterone, I’ll go to my doctor. And when I turned 40 that’s exactly what I did.

Real Reason We Take Test Boosters

Let’s be honest about one thing. Most bodybuilders and weightlifters could care less about increasing their test levels. What we care about are the results associated with increased testosterone.

We care about things like gaining more muscle mass, getting bigger, getting stronger, getting leaner, and so forth. These are typical ‘side-effects’ of having raised testosterone. If we were going to take a pill that just increased our test levels yet had no impact of helping us gain muscle, we’d probably never give it a second thought.

That being said, I’ve never gone to get blood work done before and after taking a natural testosterone booster. I don’t know anyone that has done this. What we care about in regards to over the counter test boosters are related to size and strength.

Natural Test Boosters for Muscle

I have a few of these ‘test boosters’ I take off and on throughout the year. But I want to make it clear that I do not take these supplements for the purpose of increasing my testosterone.

Again, I’m not sure if they do or if they don’t. They may, and if so, it’s probably to a minimal degree. In other words, I don’t expect these supplements to work like real testosterone.

These are supplements (uh-um, ‘test boosters’) that I use because they’ve granted me that extra edge. My training tends to be in phases. Sometimes I want more lean muscle and other times I may want to bump up my strength. So I have a few of these test boosters that seem to work well for those purposes.

Test Booster for Lean Muscle

I’ve been taking TestoFuel off and on since it was released (I believe this was back in 2012). Both muscle and strength gains were noticeable, more so than with most other natural test boosters. The greatest benefit to me was the lean muscle gains.

I didn’t get huge or puffy, and my strength didn’t go through the roof or anything crazy like that. But my striations and muscle definition were on key. TestoFuel gives me a nice mix of muscle and the shredded effect.

Test Booster for Strength

Prime Male was created specifically for men over 30. This is that unfortunate age where our testosterone levels start to decline. Prime Male consists of a very unique formula that supposedly battles nature on this. I’m not sold on that. But I can say that Prime Male has granted me explosive power.

So when I’m wanting to up my strength, I’ll jump on Prime Male for a couple of months. I was actually in this phase at the time of writing this article.

Test Booster for Mass

Animal Test from Universal Nutrition is one of my personally favorites. It’s been around for a long time and has made it through all of the testosterone booster and prohormone bans.

One thing about Animal Test is that your appetite will definitely increase. So be ready to eat more. This is a true mass builder and probably the better of the supplements in its category.

Again, I don’t know for certain whether or not these ‘natural test boosters’ actually increase testosterone. It’s possible. After all, they do render some attributes of elevated test levels. But let’s not pretend that these supplements work like taking real testosterone. They don’t.

Testosterone & Better Health

Let me back up here and say that maintaining elevated testosterone is essential to overall health, especially in men. We know from a medical perspective that low T levels are directly linked to many health problems, including heart disease.

Whereas we all want bigger muscles we shouldn’t ignore the non-muscle building benefits of testosterone. So when it comes to natural test boosters remember that lean muscle and decreased fat are a result of having higher testosterone. Not vice-versa.

Train with Passion,


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