Exercises that Increase Testosterone

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those ‘men’s health’ style articles showing you a bunch of cheesy exercises that increase testosterone. I am going to give you one of the ways to naturally give your test levels a bump. Anabolics are not required.

You really don’t need any supplements to boost your testosterone. So what do you need? Some good ole fashion barbells and dumbbells will do the trick. It’s all about heavy weights.

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Test Boosting Exercises

Even though I don’t have a powerlifting background, I’ve always been a proponent of lifting heavy weights. And I’ve always preferred compound movements using free weights. With that, I’m going to share a few exercises that increase testosterone.


I don’t know that there’s an exercise that packs on more overall muscle mass. Deadlifts is deemed as a full body exercise as it recruits the many muscles during the lift. It’s the toughest of them all too. You’re picking dead weight up off the floor.

Deadlifts do a fine job of shocking the central nervous system as well. This acts as a natural hormone release, so to speak. Deadlifts is probably my favorite among the exercises that increase testosterone.


This powerful exercise is right up there with deadlifts in my book. Like deads, squats recruit a ton of muscle fibers. Despite this being primarily for leg development, squats are considered by many to be a full body exercise. And squats serve as on of the best natural test boosters.

This mass building exercise also shocks the central nervous system so the point where you shouldn’t do anything super heavy the following day. Squats are another one of my ‘natural testosterone boosters.’

Barbell Presses

Normally I would just say bench press here. But I don’t want to limit this to just bench press. There are a few variations of barbell presses you can do that are just as effective.

Of course bench press is the king of chest exercises. And it is indeed one of the exercises that increase testosterone with it’s compound nature and ability to shock the central nervous system. But I also want to throw in incline barbell press and overheard barbell press. All three of these exercises will pack on a substantial amount of upper body muscle as well as help boost test.

315 lb Bench Press

Lifting Heavy Weights to Boost Test

I want to circle back around to why I prefer free weights over machines. Machines certainly have their place and there are some great ones out there. But free weights recruit more muscle fibers. This helps overload the muscle even more, which can have an impact on your hormones as well as build more muscle.

The key to these exercises that increase testosterone is this: compound movements. As I mentioned, these lifts recruit more muscle fibers and shock the central nervous system, thus releasing more testosterone.

Test Boosting Supplements

I stated in the beginning of this article that you can increase testosterone naturally through lifting heavy weights. Supplements are not required. However, there are some products that can help you take it to the next level.

The best test booster I’ve found is TestoFuel. This is a supplement I’ve cycled on and off since 2012. And it’s more than just a libido booster. There are ingredients that support controlling estrogen, increasing strength, enhancing body composition, and even losing fat.

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