Heavy Lifting: The Natural Test Booster


It’s the scene where Rocky just lost his best friend Apollo Creed in the fight with Ivan Drago. He’s telling Adrian he wants to challenge Drago, which seems unrealistic after the tragic defeat and death of Creed. Rocky gets in his car and drives off. The song from Robert Tepper ‘No Easy Way Out’ kicks in. This is parallel to the world of bodybuilding and weight training; there’s no easy way out.

We’re on the constant search for that performance enhancing supplement that will push us to the next level. The most sought after product if you’re wanting to gain strength and muscle is testosterone boosters. Hey, I’m all for it. Give me something that actually works and is somewhat safe, and you can count me in.

Sometimes on this search for the ‘magic ingredient’ we lose sight of the foundation that brought us to where we are today. I want to boost my test and get jacked up just as much as any other bodybuilding enthusiast. And whereas there are elements that will help, there’s one sure way to boost your natural testosterone. Lifting heavy weights.

I’ve always been a firm believer in going heavy to gain more muscle mass. But it was only later in my studies that I discovered that there are other benefits to lifting heavy weights. One of those is naturally increasing testosterone. The most effective method is performing compound exercises. The ‘big 3’ powerlifting exercises, bench press, deadlifts, and squats, are perfect for this. There are also some bodybuilding-style exercises you can get the same effects with. Let’s take a closer look at these powerful exercises.

Test Boosting Exercises

Bench Press

There’s no better way to get a big chest than with doing bench press on a regular basis. This movement also allows for you to go super heavy because you’re not only using your chest. You’re also incorporating all supporting muscles such as delts, triceps, and even some lats. Bench press falls under our heavy compound test-boosting exercises.


Deadlifts are known as the king of exercises. This exercise is responsible for a thick, huge back. But it also works the entire body. There are pros in both the powerlifting and bodybuilding world that have said if they were only allowed to perform one exercise, it would be the deadlift. And there’s plenty of evidence that heavy deads help your body produce more testosterone.


Squats are in the same category as deadlifts as far as mega-mass builders go. They’re used primarily to build your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. This exercise will grant you tree-trunk legs if done right. Like deadlifts, squats are also considered a total body exercise.

Seated Barbell Press

There’s nothing more challenging than pressing a bunch of weight against the greatest force of gravity: straight up. This is a shoulder exercise but it’s also great for upper chest and triceps. Doing these heavy will indeed kick-start those hormones.

Bent Over Rows

Some of the greatest backs of bodybuilding, namely Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman, performed bent over rows as a core exercise for their back workouts. Pulling heavy weights on this will certainly produce results.

More Power = More Test = More Power

There are certainly more compound exercises you can go heavy on. These are just a few major movements. Essentially, you can go heavy on everything. Of course that may not be the greatest decision for your joints. The bottom line is these powerful movements can indeed increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Over time, you’ll see that the heavier you lift, the stronger you get. With this you’ll be bumping up your test levels. And the effect from boosted test is equates to more power and strength. It’s an endless cycle of greatness if you’re consistent.

What About Test Boosters?

We’re flooded with bodybuilding supplements in general. One of the top selling genres is natural testosterone boosters. Unfortunately, among the masses of these products, there are on a few that actually work.

I’ll first revert back to the bulk of my article, that the best way to boost test naturally is through lifting heavy weights. There’s no way around that. You can take all the supplements you want but if you’re not training heavy, you’re short-changing yourself and missing out on your full potential. Test boosters are only an aid, not a solution.

There are a small handful of products I’ve found that’s granted me notable results. You can find them under my Supplement Review page. One in particular, and perhaps my favorite to date, is TestoFuel. This is an anabolic complex with a very unique combination of ingredients.

Train with Passion,