Instant Knockout – My #1 Best Fat Burner

Most fat burners serve one purpose. They curb your appetite and help you lose weight. The problem with that is you also lose lean muscle.

I’m going to introduce a supplement that’s much more than just a fat burner. Instant Knockout is a true conditioning agent. This is one of the many reasons I deem it the best fat burner in it’s class.


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So, how does Instant Knockout work? What makes it so special?

Instant Knockout was originally created for professional fighters to help them burn fat to prepare for their match. It contains 10 powerful ingredients that help ramp up your metabolism, give your more energy, and keep your body in constant fat burning mode.

Results from Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout produces fast results to help you get lean, conditioned, and shredded. In short, the ingredients jump-start your metabolism to help you burn fat throughout the day, even when resting.

Here are 3 benefits of taking Instant Knockout, making it the best fat burner among it’s peers:

Boosted Metabolism

– Instant Knockout has the ability to boost your body’s natural metabolic rate. This means that even while you’re sitting or resting, you’re body will be burning more calories with boosted metabolism. I call this constant fat burning mode.

∇ Reduced Cravings

– You need food to build lean muscle and provide your body with fuel for your workouts. However, you don’t need sugary foods or junk food. This powerful supplement reduces helps reduce cravings for those foods that can destroy your physique and energy.

Increased Energy 

– The energy matrix will help you power through grueling workouts. There is a specific blend of ingredients combined to get you extra energy for longer, more intense workouts. In essence, you’ll get into shape faster.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner - Get Shredded

What’s in Instant Knockout?

Let’s take a look at the Instant Knockout label. There are 3 ingredients that are highlighted, which serve as a power packed formula for burning fat: Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper, and Glucomannan. These are the superstars of fat burners per countless scientific studies, and they’re appropriately dosed.

The full list of ingredients are listed below:

♦ Green Tea

♦ Cayenne Pepper

♦ Glucomannan

♦ Caffeine Anhydrous

♦ Vitamin B6

♦ Vitamin B12

♦ GTF Chromium

♦ Zinc

♦ Pepperine

♦ Green Coffee Bean

Faster Metabolism = Less Unwanted Fat

The obvious key to burning fat, and keeping it off is raising your metabolism. This is primarily what Instant Knockout is formulated to do.

Whether you’re looking to get lean and shredded, preparing for a competition or event, or if you just need to lose fat, Instant Knockout will help you reach those goals. You can read my full review here, or click below to go to their main site to order the best fat burner you’ll ever take:

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Instant Knockout Fat Burner