Jason’s Hardcore Muscle Building Program – This is my own 12 week program that I call the Hardcore Muscle Building Program. It’s not on a workout program there’s also a nutrition guide for both leaning out and gaining mass as well as a supplement guide. Read more about my program below.


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Critical Bench 2.0 – Mike Westerdal’s Critical Bench 2.0 is hands down the best strength training program on the planet. Mike Westerdal is a widely known certified strength training expert and has helped hundreds of athletes and powerlifters exceed their limits. With Critical Bench 2.0 you’ll learn the proper form for weight training and a variety of techniques to boost your strength. This book isn’t only about bench pressing; it’s about gaining overall strength and power. On that note, Critical Bench 2.0 will indeed help you increase your bench press.

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Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training – Learn the tried and true rules of building lean muscle mass from world class certified trainer Doberman Dan’s Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program. Doberman Dan gives you the fundamentals of weight training to build muscle mass through the many years of his weight training experience. You’ll learn how to build a strong, muscular, well-balanced physique with the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program.

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Lean Hybrid Muscle – Lean Hybrid Muscle bridges the gap between building an aesthetic looking physique and being strong. Often times being strong means carrying some body fat while being shredded results in sacrificing muscle mass. Strength training expert and strongman champion Elliott Hulse has created a solid program to help you get the best of all worlds in regards to powerlifting, strongman, and bodybuilding. This program is perfect for those who may not aspire to compete at either yet want to attain a bodybuilder look without sacrificing strength and power.

Learn more about the Lean Hybrid Muscle program here

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Anabolic Cooking – The toughest aspect of bodybuilding and sculpting your physique is diet. Anabolic Cooking is the best cookbook for bodybuilding and is loaded with muscle building recipes. This eBook gives you meal plans that are specific to building muscle and also turning your body into a fat burning machine. These recipes for bodybuilders are healthy, nutritious, yet also delicious. But more importantly, these muscle building recipes are geared towards creating an anabolic environment for your muscles to recover and grow.

Learn more about Anabolic Cooking here

Anabolic Cooking Muscle Building Recipes


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