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Anabolic Cooking Muscle Building CookbookWhen you hear the term ‘diet’ you probably immediately think of boring and tasteless. The typical bodybuilder is diet chicken and vegetables, and maybe some brown rice. It’s true that foods like pizza and greasy burgers don’t render that lean muscular look just like ice cream doesn’t equate to losing fat. But does that mean your diet has to be food you can barely stand to eat? I’ve stumbled upon a diet plan that says no, which leads me to my Anabolic Cooking Review

Anabolic Cooking is packed with healthy food choices, meal plans, diet tips, cooking recipes, and more. The exciting part is these aren’t your typical bodybuilder meals. Dave Ruel, creator of Anabolic Cooking, shows us how to prepare delicious and tasty meals that we’ll enjoy eating. Dave is known as “The Muscle Cook” and hold certifications in nutrition (CFT, NWS).

Is it Possible to Build Muscle while Burning Fat?

They challenge for people like us is we want to build muscle and burn body fat simultaneously. But we’re often told that we need to focus on one or the other. If you’re building muscle you tend not to watch your food intake as closely because you need the calories to build. If you’re goal is to lose weight or lose body fat then you’re usually not concerned with losing a little muscle along the way. But in all reality we want both; we want to build muscle while burning fat.

Anabolic Cooking has provided a way for us to build lean muscle mass while turning our body into a fat burning machine. This is all done through nutrition. Obviously you have to train accordingly. You need to have a solid weight training program and cardio routine in place. In Anabolic Cooking we learn that you can do both by fueling your muscles with the right types of foods which will help them recover and grow. These same foods also kick starts our metabolism and helps us burn more body fat.



Anabolic Cooking - Muscle Building Recipes

Facts About Anabolic Cooking

We’d like to go over some facts about Anabolic Cooking by Dave Ruel and what’s included in this package. Basically I’m listing these out to debunk the myth that a healthy diet has to be boring. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a free for all where you can eat whatever junk food you want. But it does proves to us that we can build muscle and get ripped through a diet plan that we actually enjoy.

> Over 200 anabolic cooking recipes

> Specific meal plans with a grocery list

> Basics of Anabolic Cooking and overall nutrition

> Cooking techniques (virtual)

> Time and money-saving tips on food preparation and grocery shopping

> Managing and planning ‘cheat meals’

You’ll see some examples of the delicious and healthy meals when you visit the Anabolic Cooking link. And I see some of my favorites like high protein pancakes (I absolutely love pancakes), high protein fudge bars, The Muscle Cook’s Chili, healthy baked sweet potato fries, and several more. The recipes are easy to follow and fairly quick to prepare and cook. And although you’ll be eating organic and high quality foods, Dave shows us how to save a ton of money on our grocery bill with his shopping tips.

If It Tastes Good, Don’t Spit It Out

Anabolic Cooking proves to us that food can taste delicious and still be healthy. Many nutritional experts and fitness enthusiasts live by rules like ‘if it tastes good, spit it out.’ The Muscle Cook debunks these myths about diet and nutrition with over 200 tasty and nutrition-packed meals that will help us build more muscle and burn more fat. And although there is time and preparation involved, these meals seem to be simple and not extremely time consuming.

There’s always great deals on Anabolic Cooking. There’s also a couple freebies with the purchase, including The Ugly Truth About Supplements (this book will save you a ton of money in the long-run). And there’s an offer for unlimited updates for life as Dave stays on top of his products making continuous improvements.


Anabolic Cooking Over 200 Recipes

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