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Truth About Abs BannerThe Truth About Abs is a fitness program created by Mike Geary (certified nutrition specialist and certified personal trainer), and is hands down the most widely used abdominal shaping, fat loss, and nutrition program on the internet. There’s a reason for that. The program simply works yet it’s not your typical ab exercise program. Although The Truth About Abs does focus on exercises that strengthen and shape your abdominal muscles, there’s a tremendous focus on core strength, diet and nutrition, and living an overall healthy lifestyle. The Truth About Abs will allow you to create a better you.

One of the fallacies of most ab exercise and weight loss programs is they focus too much on what we know as abdominal specific exercises and merely eating fewer calories. Neither of these methods will work solely for true fat loss. Sure, reducing calories may help you lose body weight but the majority of your weight loss will be from losing muscle tissue, not necessarily burning fat. On the same token, without a solid nutrition plan you’ll be wasting your time with sit-ups and crunches.

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Most Ab Exercises Aren’t Effective – Truth About Abs

The most interesting thing about the Truth About Abs program is the exercises. You won’t find an ab routine consisting of the typical abdominal exercises you’re probably used to seeing. In fact, many ab machines and crunches are ineffective at giving you six pack abs (much of six-pack abs comes through the foods you eat, which we’ll get to soon). Mike Geary takes an unorthodox approach to training abs, and more importantly, strengthening your entire core.

In this program, Mike provides you with exercises that are proven to build strength as well as burn body fat while you’re training, and will even force your body to continue burning fat after your workout. An example of one of these powerful exercises that will make you strong and ripped is deadlifts. You probably wouldn’t expect to see deadlifts as part of a six-pack abs based training program. However, deadlifts is one of the most effective exercises you can do to strengthen your core and to get shredded.

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Burn Body Fat Without Cardio – Truth About Abs

There’s no doubt that doing cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart and will help you lose weight. However, there are more effective ways of burning actual body fat (not just losing weight). Much of this type of training is done with weights or some type of resistance, and is based on high intense interval training.

You can keep your heart rate up with specific resistance training methods. This will be far more effective than doing your standard boring cardio because you’ll be building lean muscle as well, which in turn forces your body to burn even more unwanted fat. These unique exercise techniques and routines will burn far more calories from fat than typical cardio routines.

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Nutrition and ‘Health Foods’ – Truth About Abs

The Truth About AbsThe nutrition section of the Truth About Abs program is, in my opinion, the most important part of this program. Certified nutrition specialist Mike Geary lays out the foods your body needs to function at optimal levels. These are not your advertised health foods, which are often unhealthy. Rather, they’re foods that you’re already familiar with. The type of nutrition plan you’ll be on will give you more energy, focus, and will change your body into a fat burning furnace.

You may be surprised at some of the foods you see in The Truth About Abs program. An example is busting the myth that whole eggs are bad for you and make you fat. Whole eggs (yes, this includes the egg yolks!) are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats. Whole eggs can also help reduce bad cholesterol levels while raising good cholesterol. This is just one example of many included in the Truth About Abs’ nutrition section.

Mike Geary’s Facts on Whole Eggs

Extreme Fat Burner Supplements – Truth About Abs

Another misconception revealed in Mike Geary’s Truth About Abs program is that you need fat burners or weight loss pills to lose fat. Some fat burners can indeed be helpful at getting you to the next level of being ripped and shredded, but they’re by no means necessary for losing body fat. And if you’re not training or eating properly, fat burning supplements will do you no good. So don’t waste your money on weight loss pills until you master the basics.

Ongoing Support – Truth About Abs

The Truth About Abs program is more than just another cheap six-pack abs program. Mike Geary teaches you about proper nutrition and how eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean going on a calorie restricted diet. He also teaches you training methods with exercises that will get your stomach muscles shredded, and that will help you build a stronger core. The Truth About Abs is an entire body and health overhaul, and is definitely worth checking out.

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