Jason’s Workout Programs

Looking for an effective workout program without the B.S. and fluff? You’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find workout programs that I have created for specific fitness goals. All of my workout plans were created from my many years of experience in weight training, and of course trial and error. Check the out!

Workout Plans

Lean Muscle Workout Plan

The Lean Machine Workout Plan is an 8 week weight training and cardio plan. It’s designed to help you get shredded while gaining lean muscle.

This book also contains many helpful fat burning tips and an explanation of the exercises.

Click HERE to learn more about my Lean Machine Workout Plan.

Mega Mass Workout Plan

Cover - Mega Mass WorkoutThe Mega Mass Workout Plan is an 8 week weight training program designed for hardgainers. The goal is simple. To gain muscle mass.

This book will guide you through each workout step-by-step. I also include helpful mass gaining tips along with nutrition and supplement guides.

Click HERE to learn more about my Mega Mass Workout Plan.

Hardcore Muscle Building Program

Hardcore Muscle Building Program cover MASTERThis is my 12 week Hardcore Muscle Building Program.  It’s also the basis for me started this site, TheMuscleProgram.

This program is based on weight training and also comes with a nutrition and supplement guide.

Click HERE to learn more about my Hardcore Muscle Building Program.