Lean Muscle Workout Plan

Building lean muscle while cutting is one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever put yourself through. Much of this is done through your diet. But how you train is also important. With that, I’m introducing my Lean Muscle Workout Plan.

Lean Muscle Workout Plan

I designed Lean Muscle Workout Plan to help you burn more calories than a normal bodybuilding-style workout would. The goal is to build a lean and muscular physique as opposed to having that bulky or bloated look.

It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘mass phase vs. cutting phase‘ mentality. That often results in ‘skinny vs fat!‘ This lean muscle workout plan is a way you can achieve both without going overboard.

The ultimate goal is simple.  A lean, muscular physique with minimal fat.  And this workout program is a step-by-step guide to help you reach that goal.


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My Lean Muscle Workout Plan is based around techniques that will help increase intensity and keep your heart rate up throughout your workouts. You may already be familiar with these techniques. I’m going to show you how to use them to create your new lean, muscular body.

Make no mistake, this is not a new trendy workout programs. And dot confuse lean with skinny and weak. In this Lean Muscle Workout Plan, you’re going to also incorporate compound exercises that build dense muscle.

Remember you’re not merely losing weight. Your goal is to build quality muscle while cutting. In other words, you’ll be ripped and defined.

Bulking vs Cutting Workout

Although the Lean Muscle Workout Plan is created to get your shredded, don’t think of this as a cutting workout. Bulking vs cutting is an outdated mindset. In fact, it’s unhealthy to put your body through the stress of extreme bulking and cutting phases. So let’s be clear on that.

The lean muscle workout program is for improving body composition, gaining lean muscle and achieving optimal health. Getting lean is the ultimate goal but not at the expense of losing muscle. Rather, you want to add as much lean muscle as possible

Lean Muscle Workout Plan IS

I want to go over everything that’s induced in my Lean Muscle Workout Plan. It’s important to let you know that there aren’t endless pages of fluff just to make the eBook bigger. Many programs will say the same things over and over just to add more pages. There’s no fillers here.

⇒ 8 week weight training program

⇒ Integrated cardio plan

⇒ Easy to follow (NOT easy to do!)

⇒ Explanation on exercises

⇒ Tips for recovery

⇒ Nutrition tips

⇒ Supplement guide

⇒ Post-program plan

⇒ Requires you to have a gym membership (no, you can’t do this at home with no equipment!)

⇒ 34 pages – Like all of my programs, there’s no useless pages of fluff!

8 Week Lean Muscle Workout Plan

Before you start this workout program, I want you to be mentally ready. In other words. stick with my Lean Muscle Workout Plan for at least 8 weeks.

The program will guide you with complete workouts and helpful tips on increasing intensity. So I ask that you be fully dedicated to this lean muscle workout plan.

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  • This product will be delivered electronically in the form of a PDF file immediately upon purchase. This order is directly from my website, TheMuscleProgram. Thank you for your support! 





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