Lean Muscle Workout Plan

You will cut more body fat while gaining lean muscle with this program.

No fluff, just a straight-forward easy to follow weight training and cardio plan.

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8 Week Workout Program for Getting Lean and in Shape

Lean Muscle Workout Plan is designed to help you build lean muscle while reducing body fat. The workouts keep you moving to burn more calories but are also built around the premises of classic strength training and gym workouts. So you get the best of both worlds.


You’ll be doing compound exercises for building muscle and strength. That will be mixed in with techniques to make the workouts more intense, which will ignite the fat burning process.


Lean Muscle Workout Plan goes beyond the typical bulking and cutting phases. Rather, this program offers a healthy and more consistent approach to improved body composition.



How does my Lean Muscle Workout Plan workout? 


Most people think that you have to live on the treadmill to get cut and shredded. However, you don’t hear them talking about integrating weights. Many think that weights only gets you bulky. They can if that’s your goal. 


The truth is you will build lean muscle by lifting weights. Having more lean muscle will help your body burn fat more efficiently. On top of that, you will be mixing the right types of cardio catered to burning fat. 


Why should you choose this workout program?


Simple. You’re getting the best of both worlds with gaining more muscle and burning more unwanted fat. And you’re doing it the right way. 


If you follow my Lean Muscle Workout Plan consistently, you will force your body into getting results. 


Lean Muscle Workout Plan Includes:


  • Full 8 week weight training program


  • Integrated cardio plan


  • Explanation on exercises and techniques


  • Tips for recovery


  • Nutrition tips


  • Supplement guide


  • Post-program plan


  • 34 pages


About the Author (Me)



My name is Jason Stallworth, a weight training and fitness enthusiast. I was a small, skinny kid that started lifting weights at the age of 15 (in 1990….wow, so long ago!). I was a true hardgainer and my results were extremely gradual. However, I stuck with it as I quickly developed a passion for the weights.


Weight training is something has been consistent in my life since the day I started. I’m just as excited about helping others reach their strength and physique goals as well. That’s the core reason I started TheMuscleProgram.


I’m also a recording artist/musician/songwriter. My style is within the genre of heavy metal music, releasing my first album in 2013. I ended up combining my love for weight training and music to create Heavy Metal Workout, and instrumental metal album catered to training. You can look me up on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, etc.


Jason Stallworth
Founder of TheMuscleProgram – Since 2010

e-Book Download  $7

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