4000 Calorie Meal Plan

The 4000 calorie meal plan is geared towards those wanting to gain muscle mass and strength. And it’s especially a great meal plan for hard gainers (I remember those days and wish I would’ve followed a meal plan like this back then!!).

Turkey Sausage with Peppers Meal - 4000 Calorie Meal Plan

The meals are healthy and packed with the nutrients you need for muscle growth and repair. Eating more calories will not only help you grow but you should also experience some massive strength gains as well.

Who is this Meal Plan For?

We know that calorie intake has a direct impact on how much muscle you can put on. I want to list a few points as to who this 4000 meal plan is for. You’re goals should align with at least one of the below:

  • Gain overall size and mass
  • Get stronger
  • Not overly concern about gaining a little fat (this is not an excuse to get fat)

4000 Calorie Diet Meals

4000 Calorie Meal 1 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
4 Whole Eggs 320 28 0 20
4 Egg Whites 80 15 0 0
Bagel 210 8 42 2
Cream Cheese 50 1 0 5
Totals 660 52 42 27

*optional – take 1 TestoFuel capsule with Meal 1

4000 Calorie Meal 2 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Protein Powder – 2 scoops 240 44 8 4
Skim Milk – 12 ounces 120 12 16 0
Banana 121 1 31 0
Natural Peanut Butter – 1 tablespoon 97 4 3 9
Oatmeal 100 4 19 2
Totals 678 65 77 15
4000 Calorie Meal 3 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Top Sirloin Steak – 10 ounces 650 108 0 20
Brown Rice – 1 serving 220 6 40 4
Sweet Potato 103 2 24 0
Totals 973 116 64 24

*optional – take 1 TestoFuel capsule with Meal 3

4000 Calorie Meal 4 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Protein Powder – 2 scoops 240 44 8 4
Skim Milk – 12 ounces 120 12 16 0
Banana 121 1 31 0
Peanut Butter – 1 teaspoon 97 4 3 9
Totals 578 61 58 13

*optional – take 1 TestoFuel capsule with Meal 4

4000 Calorie Meal 5 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Grilled Salmon – 8 ounces 464 48 0 24
Brown Rice – 1 serving 220 6 40 4
Veggies/Small Salad 50 1 10 1
Totals 734 55 50 29

*optional – take 1 TestoFuel capsule with Meal 5

4000 Calorie Meal 6 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Protein Powder – 2 scoops 240 44 8 4
Skim Milk – 12 ounces 120 12 16 0
Natural Peanut Butter – 1 tablespoon 97 4 3 9
Totals 457 60 27 13
OVERALL Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Totals 4080 409 318 121

***Add this to your meal plan for gaining clean, quality mass and strength

Eat 4000 Calories to Grow

This is just an example of one days’ worth of meals. You can use this as a guide to create your own 4000 calorie meal plan.

Each meal is broken down by the food item and contains calories, protein, carbs, and fat content. Please keep in mind these numbers are approximations.

If you’re on a mass gaining cycle, or just wanting to get stronger, this meal plan is certainly for you. But don’t be fooled by thinking this nutrition plan will make you fat.

The meals below are loaded with high quality protein, plenty of carbohydrates from good sources, and essential fats.

Obviously if you’re already overweight this probably isn’t the best meal plan for you. Or if fat loss is in any part of your current fitness goals, don’t bother with this plan.

The 4000 calorie meal plan is strictly for those that want to get bigger and stronger.

Meals for Gain Mass

Muscle Building Meal Plans - Jason Stallworth - TheMuscleProgram

This 4000 calorie diet plan consists of six larger meals per day.

One note of importance is if you’re currently on a low calorie diet then you should gradually increase your calories each week, by 300-500 calories per week, until you reach 4000 calories.

A drastic increase in calories could indeed make you fat, and quick. That’s not what you want as it would be counter-productive to gaining muscle.

Remember, regardless of how big you want to get, the goal should always be to gain lean muscle mass.

The only way to grow is simply to consume more calories. You obviously don’t want to get fat at the expense of trying to get big. At the same time, if fat loss is your goal you probably wont want to consume 4000 calories a day.

There’s a chance that you may gain a small amount of fat on this diet. If you find yourself gaining too much fat, back off the calories a little.

Build Your Own 4,000 Calorie Meal Plan

I want to reiterate that this meal plan is just a guide. The example is for one day. The idea here is to show you how to break down every component of each meal and know what you’re getting out of each meal.

This is where reading the label comes in. I know this is a chore and no one likes to do it. I’m also personally not a fan of counting every calorie.

However, it’s a good idea to know approximately how much protein, carbs, fats, calories, etc. that you’re putting away each day. Breaking this down meal by meal will only make that easier.

Lift Heavy on 4000 Calories

Lift heavy with 4000 calories

My 4000 meal plan guide wouldn’t be complete without talking about lifting. I want to encourage you to train hard and heavy if you’re consuming a lot of calories.

You should look at food as a necessary tool to get results. It’s all about fuel, recovery, and rebuilding the muscle. The goal is to get bigger and stronger.

I also think it’s important to do more compound exercises. Whether you’re powerlifting, bodybuilding, or just want to be bigger and stronger, there are some basic exercises you’ll want to stick with.

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Seated Barbell Press
  • Dumbbells (presses for chest and shoulders)
  • Barbell Rows (bent-over rows)
  • Dumbbell Rows

Those are just a few compound exercises that come to mind when I think of eating 4000 calories per day or more.

To get big, you have to eat big. And this type of meal plan should give you the energy to train hard and heavy.

Train (and eat) with Passion,


4000 calorie diet plan

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