Lean Muscle Meal Plan

Chili Power Meal The Lean Muscle Meal Plan is designed to help you gain lean muscle mass with minimal to no body fat. This can be a little tricky and cardiovascular exercise will play an important role in your overall goal for building lean muscle. Building lean ripped muscle requires more attention to detail to your nutrition than meal plans catered toward sheer size and mass. All that being said your muscles still require larger amounts of the right foods and nutrients than the average Joe to recover and grow.

You may find the below nutrition plan is actually a comfortable meal plan as you won’t feel like you’re overeating but you’re not necessarily restricting your calorie intake that much either. This makes it a solid meal plan for maintaining or preserving muscle as well.

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Lean Muscle Building Meals

Meal 1
2 whole eggs and 4 egg whites
1-2 servings of oatmeal

Meal 2
1.5 scoops of whey protein
10 ounces of * skim milk or water
1 banana

Meal 3
6-8 ounces of steak
2 red potatoes
1 cup of fruit or veggies

Meal 4
6-8 ounces of lean turkey
1 serving of brown rice
1 cup of fruit or veggies

Meal 5
6-8 ounces of fish or chicken
1 sweet potato

Meal 6
1.5 scoops of whey protein with flax or 2 scoops of casein protein only
10 ounces of * skim milk

* Milk works for some while others it doesn’t. Some are lactose intolerant. It’s also been said that milk thickens the skin. So milk is optional.

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Get Ripped with the Right Foods

The Lean Muscle Meal Plan can be anywhere from 3000-3500 calories.  The portions of course can be modified depending on where you’re at and what your goals are. You can mix and match the meals, or substitute foods within the meals. Also, you can cater the above nutrition plan so that your protein shakes are around your workout times.

Though calorie intake is important in this lean muscle nutrition plan, the types of calories are probably more important. The Lean Muscle Meal Plan is designed to boost your body’s metabolism throughout the day, give you the energy you need for your workouts, and also to help your muscle recover and grow new muscle tissue. The meals in this lean muscle nutrition plan are loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, so not only will you get ripped, you’ll also be eating extremely healthy.

Train (and eat) with Passion,