Mega Mass Workout Plan

You started lifting weights for one reason. To get big.

But gaining mass doesn’t come easy for most people. It certainly didn’t come easy for me. As you can see below, I was an extreme hardgainer.

Through many years of trial-and-error, and consistency, I finally discovered the techniques to helped me gain quality muscle mass. And I want to share that with you through my Mega Mass Workout Plan.

Mass Workout Program

My Mega Mass Workout Plan is an 8-week weight training program designed to help you get bigger. The workouts contain compound exercises that you’re more than likely already familiar with. However, there are some specific techniques you’ll be incorporating to make your workouts more effective for gaining mass.

I’ll tell you up front that this isn’t one of those new trendy workout methods. This mass workout program integrates basic exercises that have been proven to result is size and strength. And I lay out an easy-to-follow guide in my Mega Mass Workout Plan.

Bulking Up with Quality Muscle

Don’t mistake muscle mass for sloppy mass (aka fat). Of course much of this has to do with your diet. But it’s also about how you lift the weight. You’re not just lifting weight for the sake of lifting weight. There are some techniques I will show you so that you get the most out of your mass building workouts.

The Mega Mass Workout Plan will help you gain quality muscle. It’s not for merely gaining weight.

Although you’re not training to get shredded, you still want to be able to see some muscle definition. This is where those focused reps will come in. I’ll teach you how to work the muscle, not just lift the weight from point A to B.

You can also expect to get stronger on this mass workout plan. You’re going to be pushing some heavy weights, especially in the beginning of your workouts. So you’ll naturally go up in the amount of weight you lift.

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Mega Mass Workout Plan Includes

⇒ 8 week weight training program

⇒ 2 different training splits

⇒ Step-by-step guide for each workout

⇒ Exercises explained

⇒ Mass gaining tips

⇒ Nutrition tips

⇒ Supplement guide

⇒ Post-program plan

⇒ 24 pages (no B.S. or useless pages of fluff!)

8 Week Muscle Mass Workout Program

Be prepared to train hard and heavy on this mass workout plan. Don’t cheat yourself. You’ll get out of it what you put in. Consistency is what will grant you those mass gaining results.

The Mega Mass Workout Plan is was to follow. I encourage you to stick with this mass workout program for the full 8 weeks. It’s grow time!

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About the Author

My name is Jason Stallworth. I was a small, skinny kid that started lifting weights at the age of 15 (in 1990….wow, so long ago!). At first, I had a tough time gaining muscle mass. I wanted to be big! Through years of pushing through, I eventually achieved that to a certain degree.

However, as I got older I realized I no longer had a problem gaining mass. The challenge had reversed and it was becoming harder to stay lean! I soon learned that I had to start integrating more techniques into my workouts to ramp up the intensity.

I’m now sharing that with you through my Lean Muscle Workout Plan. If you’re struggling with getting lean, this is definitely for you!

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