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Many of you know that I’m also a musician, songwriter and small-time recording artist. In fact, I started playing guitar around the same time I started lifting weights at about 15. I recently combined my two passions and created a metal workout music album called Heavy Metal Workout.

Heavy Metal Workout

Heavy Metal Workout is the first authentic metal workout music album. There are many of metal workout playlists created. But I wrote these songs specifically for people like us who train.

It’s a 12 track instrumental metal album. Each song was written with the intent of spiking motivation and maintaining energy levels while working out. The music moves you with hard-hitting heavy riffs and screaming guitar solos.

Though this album is heavy, it also has a melodic feel to it. The ultimate purpose is to help you workout longer and harder. Think of this album as a high-octane pre workout supplement. The difference is you only buy the album once rather than once a month (by no means am I saying you shouldn’t take your pre workout supplements!).

Jason Stallworth Heavy Metal Workout Album

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I released my latest album for this specific genre in February of 2016 called Heavy Metal Workout. This is an instrumental metal album. No vocals. Just heavy hitting guitars and a lot of double bass kicking. The groove of the album is in that weight training zone to keep you moving. There are no distractions here; just heavy instrumental metal to listen to while you train.

Heavy Metal Workout Track List

  1. Jacked
  2. Maxed Out
  3. Train Insane
  4. Mass Season
  5. Skull Crusher
  6. High Intensity
  7. Shut Up and Lift
  8. Weight of the World
  9. Hour of Power
  10. Grow Time
  11. Pushing and Pulling
  12. Shredded


This makes a powerful metal workout playlist for hardcore training!

You can listen to my metal workout music album Heavy Metal Workout on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and most major online retailers and online streaming services. Purchase this at one of the links below and play it during your next workout. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the album as well.

Metal Music for Working Out

My goal was to write an album that was heavy but had no distractions. So there are no off-beat tempos or drastic time changes. This metal workout music album is as a whole is very melodic and the grooves are consistent. While the music is indeed metal, it’s used as a tool in this case and that’s to help you push through those tough workouts. Heavy Metal Workout is all about focusing 100% on your training.

The grooves and rhythms in Heavy Metal Workout vary from track to track but are in the suggested range for weight training workouts. Of course this metal workout music album isn’t limited to just weightlifting. You can listen to this music during any activity.

Jason’s Metal Music Artist Site

If you’d like to read more about my music, you can click the link below. My first album Apocalyptic Dreams was released in 2013 and it’s also an instrumental metal album. I also have a page about the making and recording of Heavy Metal Workout. This may interest you, especially if you’re a musician. Click here to go to my musical website. You can stay up with my album updates there (both workout music and my other releases).

Train with Passion and Keep it Metal!

Jason Stallworth

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