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Chili Power MealNutrition is key to building muscle and also turning your body into a fat burning machine. Diet is the element many, myself included, fall short on.

Contrary to what many ‘experts’ tell us, it’s not so much that we’re overeating.

Although that’s the case for some, hence the obesity epidemic in our society. But it’s more of an issue of malnutrition, meaning many simply aren’t giving their body the proper nutrients it needs to function.

The bottom line is that you need specific nutrients, and a certain amount of nutrients to promote muscle growth, recovery, and fat loss.

Regardless of what your goal is, whether it’s to gain muscle mass, lean muscle, get stronger, get shredded, or simply to just lose body fat, you need to eat. And you may need to eat more food than you think.

Although calorie intake is indeed a factor, more importantly the types of foods you eat is going to push you further towards or away from your ultimate fitness goal.

Below are some links to my Muscle Meals & Recipes.

Meals and Recipes

2nd Post Workout Meal – Grits & Eggs: I usually eat a whole food meal about an hour after my post workout protein shake. This is a simple meal, grits and eggs.

Homemade Chili Power Meal: This is a crock pot chili recipe I often eat. It’s packed with lean protein and carbohydrates and perfect for those looking to gain strength or muscle mass. This slow cooker chili meal is simple and preparation time if minimal.

Lean Muscle Meal – Chicken and Red Potatoes: This meal is perfect for gaining lean muscle and getting ripped. It’s a bodybuilder-friendly meal and packed with high quality protein and nutrients.

Muscle Foods: This is a list of foods known to build muscle and help you get stronger.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition: A few choices for pre and post workout meals.

Protein Shake Recipes: An array of my protein shakes for various fitness goals from lean protein shakes, to high calories mass gaining protein shakes, to post workout shakes.

Random Recipes: This is a list of various recipes with ingredients and cooking instructions, that are quick and easy to cook.

Spanish Style Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin Recipe: A super low carb recipe that’s easy to cook.

Get Lean and Shredded

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