Jason’s Grocery Shopping List

Jason's Grocery Shopping List

This is my own personal grocery shopping list which for the most part is fairly simple. I tend to stick with the same foods because I know how my body responds to certain foods. I’ve found that it’s important to at least have a mental list of foods you need to buy each time you go to the grocery store.

By no means do I buy all of the below foods in one trip. There are several items I pick up on a weekly basis, such as eggs, milk, bananas, yogurt, and meats. And I usually pick up a few meats each week. For example, I may buy enough ground beef and chicken to last a couple weeks (eating it maybe once or twice a week during this time). On that trip I may not buy turkey, pork, or fish (I rarely eat fish anyway…just don’t care for the taste). Turkey burgers tend to last me a while too so I only get those about every couple of months. Anyway, you get the idea. The point of this is to help you make healthy choices at the grocery store.

Also, I’ll probably update this grocery shopping list periodically if I add something to my nutrition plan that proves to be beneficial (or if I take something away). The foods listed or in no particular order. For the most part, this has remained constant for a while.

My Standard Grocery Shopping List

> Eggs – from free roaming or grass fed hens
> Organic milk * I no longer have milk with my protein shakes
> Lean ground beef
> Ground turkey
> Steaks * New York strips and top sirloin
> Chicken breasts * boneless, skinless
> Shrimp
> Scallops
> Oatmeal
> Orange Juice
> Natural peanut butter
> Preserves * strawberry, blackberry, & blueberry – organic
> Almonds
> Bananas
> Fresh fruits/dark berries
> Carrots
> Whole wheat bread – brands vary
> Bagels
> Cream cheese
> Cheese * real cheese, not processed
> Olive oil
> Jasmine rice
> Whole wheat pasta
> Sweet potatoes
> Red potatoes
> Green beans
> Red beans, black, pinto beans
> Ezekiel Bread * not very often
> Boar’s Head or Publix lunch meat

Favorite Condiments:

> Hot sauce
> Mustard


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Where’s the Good Stuff??

I do help myself to pizza usually once a week on the weekends. I didn’t list pizza in my grocery list because I don’t like store bought or frozen pizza. There’s a place in Tampa called Sally O’neal’s that we eat at regularly; the absolute best pizza I’ve ever had. And I may grab a Hungry Howie’s cajun crust on occasion. I also love cereal, especially Cocoa Pebbles.

The general rule I stick with is eat fairly strict throughout the week and have a couple of meals of whatever I want on the weekends (often referred to as cheat meals). Bottom line is you won’t find a ton of junk food in my grocery shopping list but it’s not completely bland or boring either. I like to eat! If you’re competing, the rules will shift on that.

Jason’s Meal Plans

If you’re looking for diets and meal plans, I have them. There are meal plans for just about every goal from losing weight and cutting up to gaining lean muscle and bulking up. I also have calorie-specific meal plans available.