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The below supplements above are considered my top 3 bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplements (yes, I proudly promote these!). I have a long list of other supplements I’ve tried below that.

#1: TestoFuel – Test Booster for Lean Muscle Gains

TestoFuel New

TestoFuel is one of the few test boosters that actually produces results. It works by increasing your natural testosterone levels. Along with helping you gain lean muscle and increasing libido, you get the health benefits of higher test levels.

TestoFuel doesn’t shut down your natural testosterone production. And there are no harmful side effects. The formula is a very unique and effective blend and the ingredients are from pure sources. You can read my full review here.

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#2: Instant Knockout – Extreme Conditioning Agent & Fat Burner

Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout is a fat burner that was originally created for MMA fighters. It’s designed to help you get into extreme conditioning. It works by boosting your metabolism and forcing your body to burn fat more efficiently.

Instant Knockout is it also helps you preserve hard earned muscle while dieting. This is the perfect fat burner for those training for a bodybuilding or physique competition. It’s also great for those that need to maintain high energy levels for longer and more demanding workouts. Check out my 4-week experience here.

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#3: Herculin MRF-4 – Post Workout Maximizer

The most important time to slam your body with nutrients is right after you workout. This makes post workout supplements crucial.

Herculin MRF-4 from EBN Sports Premium is a post workout maximizer thats packed full of the potent ingredients at the appropriate doses to maximize muscle gains and kick-start the recovery process.

Taking Herculin MRF-4 provided the strength gains and lean muscle mass I was looking for, without any bloating. You can read my full review here.

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Here are a few other supplements that I’ve had substantial results with and want to give honorable mention to. The reviews for these can be found below under ‘All Supplement Reviews.’ There’s no particular order.

Prime Male (for men over 30)
Shred 360 from AS Research
Condense from Purus Labs
Animal Pak from Universal Nutrition
Animal Test from Universal Nutrition
Amino IV from PES
Elite Whey from Dymatize

All Supplement Reviews

> 4 Gauge Pre Workout: Smooth, clean energy boosting pre workout supplement that enhances mental focus and helps you attain that pump.

> AllWhey Review – AllMax: Whey/isolate mix of protein powder from a premium supplement brand, AllMax.

AMINO IV Review – PES: An high-end recovery supplement containing both branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs). It has an extremely high dose of Leucine.

> AminoCore – AllMax: Most effective ratio of branched change amino acids for pre, intra and post workout.

AMINOD Review – Purus Labs: A recovery and repletion supplement containing a hefty blend of the essential amino acids.

> Anavite Review – Multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formula geared towards enhancing performance with added L-Carnitine and Beta-Alanine.

> Animal Pak Review – Universal Nutrition: One of the most widely used multi-vitamin/training pack since 1983. Animal Pak consists of essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, performance boosting nutrients, and digestive enzymes.

> Animal Rage Review – Universal Nutrition: Pre workout supplement that gives you energy, mental focus, and endurance. This review is done on the powder version of Animal Rage.

> Animal Test Review – Universal Nutrition: Pro-testosterone supplement geared towards enhancing testosterone and balancing estrogen levels. Animal Test is known as an alternative to prohormones.

> Atomic 7 Review – Universal Nutrition: BCAA recovery supplement with glutamine and taurine made to enhance muscle protein synthesis and increase cell volumization.

> Assault Review – MusclePharm: Pre workout supplement loaded with a creatine blend, BCAAs, glutamine, arginine, beta alanine, and more.

> C4 Extreme Review – Cellucor: Potent ultra concentrated pre workout supplement that enhances mental focus and provides sustainable energy.

> Condense Review – Purus Labs: Patent-pending Nitratene fueled pre-workout supplement containing effective doses of superior ingredients that produce skin-bursting pumps, mental focus, energy and more oxygen.

Craze Review – Driven Sports: Pre workout supplement that increases size, strength, and focus.

> Creaform Review – Primaforce: Pure creatine monohydrate supplement. Helps increase strength, lean muscle, and cell hydration.

> CytoSport 100% Whey – CytoSport: Whey protein powder with added BCAAs, glutamine. This whey protein supplement has more grams of protein and more calories than most whey protein supplements.

> D-Pol Review – Purus Labs: Testosterone booster, oxygen enhancer, and nitric oxide booster with effective doses of D-Aspartic Acid, Nitratene (nitrates), Vitamin D3, and B Vitamins.

> Elite Recoup Review – Dymatize Nutrition: Advanced BCAA with glutamine recovery supplement loaded with B vitamins.

> EAA Stack Review – Universal Nutrition: Essential amino acid anabolic recovery support formula.

> Elite Whey Review – Dymatize Nutrition: Whey protein isolate supplement with zero sugar and no extra-added carbohydrates.

> ENGN Review – EVL (EVLUTION NUTRITION): Powerful pre-workout supplements that enhances energy, increases power, and amplifies pumps.

> GH Max Review – Universal Nutrition: Supports natural growth hormone levels.

> Glutaform Review – Primaforce: Pure glutamine supplement used for recovery and immune function.

> Gold Standard Pre Workout – Optimum Nutrition: Simple yet effective pre workout supplement with creatine.

NEW – Hemo Rage Review – Nutrex: Check out my experience with the new version of Hemo Rage pre workout from Nutrex!

> OLD – Hemo Rage Review – Nutrex: Pre workout supplement for mental focus, pumps, and energy.

> Herculin MRF-4 – EBN Sports Premium: Post workout maximizer packed with the appropriate doses of amino acids, creatine, and more.

> HIBERN8 – Nutrex: Powerful sleep aid used for restful sleep and recovery.

> Hyper Gain Review – ASR: Potent muscle building supplement with enhanced creatine formula and testosterone boosting properties.

> Hyper Gain Black Review – ASR: Same powerful Kre-Alkalyn as with the original Hyper Gain formula with with added Creatine MagnaPower as well as ingredients to enhance mental focus, extreme pumps, and boost natural growth hormone production.

> Instant Knockout Review: Instant Knockout is the most potent and effective fat burning and thermogenic supplement. It was created for MMA fighters but is now released to the public for those looking for extreme conditioning and fat burning effects.

> Invincible – ASR: Powerful pre workout supplement that boosts energy, mental focus, and provides sustainable muscle energy, with no fillers.

> Jack3d Review (old) – USPlabs: Pre workout supplement known for creating pumps. This is a review of the first generation Jack3d.

> Jacked Up Review – ASR: Natural testosterone boosting supplement using Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, and a combination other herbs known to boost testosterone and balance hormones.

> Liposomal Vitamin C – Goldman Laboratories: Liposomal Vitamin C is the only Vitamin C supplement with maximum absorption. It’s pure with no additives or preservatives.

> Men’s Ultra Daily Review – Twin Lab: Advanced multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that promotes energy and stamina, prostate health and heath and wellness.

> Mesomorph – APS: Only preworkout supplement with clinically proven doses of each ingredient. Insane pumps, more energy, and no crash.

> Mind Lab Pro Review: Supplements that enhances brain power, increases memory and sharpness. Reverses the effects that aging has on your brain.

> Nitraflex – GAT: Highly concentrated preworkout supplement with testosterone boosting benefits.

> No Bull Glutamine Powder – Raw Barrel: Pure glutamine supplement with no fillers or additives.

> No Bull Protein Powder – Raw Barrel: Pure, unflavored protein powder with no fillers, additives or artificial ingredients.

> NO Shotgun/NO Synthesize Stack Review – VPX Nutrition: Pre and post workout stack loaded with amino acids, potent creatine formula, and more used to induce vascularity, increase pumps, build muscle, and enhance recovery.

> NO Synthesize Review – VPX Nutrition: Fully loaded post workout supplement packed with a blend of creatines, proteins, amino acids, branched chain aminos, and nitric oxide boosting ingredients. Also contains ingredients that has a positive impact on insulin.

> Novedex XT Review – Gaspari Nutrition: Naturally boosts testosterone and balances estrogen levels. * Novedex XT is no longer available.

> NOXYGEN Review – Purus Labs: This is a stimulant-free pre workout geared towards increasing blood flow and ‘the pump.’ Noxygen can also be used to enhanced another pre workout product.

> Opti-Men Review – Optimum Nutrition: Multi-vitamin loaded with antioxidants with many extras to boost recovery, energy, and male performance.

> Optimum ZMA Review – Optimum Nutrition: Potent ZMA formula used for recovery testosterone support.

> Orange Triad Review – Controlled Labs: Potent multi-vitamin formula with added immune and digestive support, as well as support for joints.

> Outrage – Nutrex: Preworkout supplement that provides extreme mental focus, incredible muscle pumps, and a surge of energy.

> Prime Male: Natural test booster catered to men over 30. Also a great strength and explosive power enhancer.

RE-BLD Review – EVL (EVLUTION NUTRITION): Potent high quality creatine-based post workout recovery supplement with added BCAAs and glutamine.

> Shock Therapy Review (old) – Universal Nutrition: Pre workout supplement used for amplifying nitric oxide, mental focus, and energy.

> Shred360 Review – ASR: Potent fat burner that boosts metabolism, helps the body use carbs as energy, increases mental focus, suppresses appetite and preserves muscle.

> SP250 Review – Gaspari Nutrition: Pre workout supplement that enhances mental focus and provides sustainable energy.

> Stimul8 Review – FINAFLEX: Two-for-one pre workout and fat burning supplement that delivers insane energy, pumps, and increases thermogenesis.

> Storm Review – Universal Nutrition: Cell volumizing creatine formula with enhanced delivery and absorption system.

> SuperCissus Review – USPlabs: Supports joints, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

> Superdrive Review – Gaspari Nutrition: Pre-training energy superfuel supplements geared towards enhancing energy, mental focus, pump, and explosive power.

> SuperPump 250 Review – Gaspari Nutrition: Pre workout supplement that promotes explosive pumps and vascularity.

> Syntha-6 Review – BSN: Protein powder for lean muscle and full essential amino acid profile.

> TestoFuel Review: All natural testosterone booster loaded with essential nutrients.

> TestoTurbo Review – Explicit Nutrition: Test booster with an estrogen inhibitor and nutrient delivery system.

> Theatrim Review – Purus Labs: A ‘feel good’ stimulting fat burner and energy booster from Purus Labs. Extreme energy, muscle definition, and enhanced mood are the highlighted effects of Theatrim.

> ThermoLyze Review – Explicit Nutrition: Extreme fat burner that helps you get ripped and shredded while maintaining lean muscle.

> Total War – Redcon1: Preworkout supplement that enhances energy, pumps and vascularity, and mental focus.

> Train Pre-Workout Review – VMI Sports: Train is a pre workout supplement that supports energy and vasolidation.

> Xtend Review – Scivation: BCAA recovery formula with glutamine.

> Uni-Liver Review – Universal Nutrition: Dessicated liver formula rich in essential amino acids.

> Viridex XT Review – Gaspari Nutrition: Natural testosterone boosting anti-estrogen PCT supplement.

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Animal Pak In Your Face | Supplements | TheMuscleProgram.comWhat I will say is this – most of the supplements I’ve taken that have given me results and that I’m currently taking are fairly simple supplements. They’re not flashy and most of them aren’t that expensive. They’re supplements that compliment my training and nutrition plan, and have been proven over time.

I also switch back and forth between some supplements and will also replace certain supplements in order to try a new product. In any case, these other my genuine supplement reviews which means they’re simply based on my own personal experience with the supplement.

I don’t go too much in depth with the label in my supplement reviews. I may list a few key ingredients on some that define what type of supplement it is and it’s purpose.

I also do not get caught up into any scientific claims of supplements. If a supplement doesn’t work for you then it doesn’t matter how many double blind placebo tests or university studies there is behind that supplement. I’m not saying that stuff isn’t important but there are plenty of supplements that claim to be scientifically proven to work that didn’t work for me and didn’t work for others I know. I think we’ve all been there.

On the above note, I encourage you to read the labels and do your own research on the individual ingredients listed in the products your looking to use. Find out their definition, what they do, and optimum dosage. Try them and see how your body responds as everyone responds differently to certain supplements. Do not by any means think that a supplement will replace or make up for intense training and a solid nutrition plan.

These supplement reviews are in no particular order of importance; it’s just the order I’ve been reviewing them.

**All of my supplement reviews are based on supplements I have taken for at least 1 container of the product. None of these reviews are from samples. My reviews are based on my own personal experience. You may or may not have the same experience or results.