AllMax AllWhey Review


AllWhey Review - Jason Stallworth - TheMuscleProgramProtein is protein, right? It didn’t take me long to learn that not all whey protein powders are created equal. Only a few work for me while most others tear up my stomach. I’m now going to share my AllMax AllWhey review.

I haven’t taken many AllMax supplements. They’re advertised to be a premium brand. With that comes premium prices. Yeah, I want quality supplements but I’m not one to spend my entire paycheck on protein powders, aminos and vitamins. There has to be balance.

On that note, Southern Muscle here in Brandon, FL had an extremely good deal on AllWhey, so I picked up a 5 lb jug of it. I’m glad I did because I may have found a new go-to protein powder.

AllWhey Protein Powder

Like I said, AllMax is said to be a premium supplement line. I realize all supplement companies claim this. However, I often hear AllMax claims from people that use their products. That whole word of mouth thing speaks volumes (no pun intended).

Per the jug I have, AllWhey is a premium isolate/whey protein blend. It’s 100% whey protein source with the primary source being whey protein isolate, and it’s lab tested and certified. Now let’s dig into my AllWhey review.


My Use of AllWhey

My use of AllWhey from AllMax is the same with any whey protein powder. I do 2 scoops post workout. This is generally blended (in my Ninja!!) with a banana, scoop of dark berries, and coconut milk.

I also take 1.5 scoops two other times during the day. I have a protein shake around 3:30pm. This shake is mixed with an apple, banana, teaspoon of peanut butter and coconut milk. I have my final shake of the day before bed. That one is just the AllWhey protein by itself mixed with water. Sometimes I’ll take a small serving of peanut butter with it. The protein with a little fat helps me sleep like a baby.


My AllMax AllWhey Review

Whey protein serves a simple purpose. To get an adequate daily amount of protein required to support muscle growth and recovery. Sounded like a text book, eh? There’s nothing too fancy about that.

My experience with AllWhey is that it doesn’t upset my stomach. I’ve taken many so-called premium protein powders that have sent me straight to the bathroom. AllWhey doesn’t do that to me. Obviously that’s important to all of us.

AllWhey also mixes extremely well. And I have to admit it tastes pretty good. I’m only basing this on their chocolate flavor as I have not tried other favors. It also blends well to make good post workout shakes and meal replacements. We all know it’s imperative to get a hefty amount of protein and carbs after a hardcore workout.

My core judgement of any whey protein powder is how I feel after drinking it. With AllWhey, I don’t feel ‘weighed’ down (sorry, another pun…I couldn’t resist!). In fact, I feel energized with AllWhey. And I’ve actually gotten a little stronger and leaner since I’ve been taking it, which at the time of writing this review, I’ve been taking AllWhey for a little over 2 weeks.


AllWhey Pros & Cons

AllMax AllWhey Pros:

  • Clean protein
  • No bloating or cramping
  • Enhances recovery
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Mixes really well and to me, it tastes good

AllMax AllWhey Cons:

  • It can be expensive depending on where you get it


AllWhey Final Thoughts

This stuff is pretty good and I’ll attest to the premium brand. I’m also currently taking their BCAA product Aminocore. I’ll have a review on that soon.

AllWhey is now on my list of whey protein powders that work for me. Dymatize Elite Whey has been something that’s worked for me for years. So it will depend on the price as to which protein powder I get between these two each time I buy whey protein. I’m sure I’ll alternate back and forth between them.

If you haven’t tried AllMax AllWhey, I certainly recommend picking up a jug.

Train with Passion,