AminoCore Review


Amino acids. They’re the building blocks of protein. Aminos, especially BCAAs, help us build muscle by preventing the breakdown of protein while enhancing protein synthesis, and promoting recovery. No wonder amino acids are so popular to use during workouts.

I want to share my AminoCore review, a product from AllMax. My written experience is based on the first time I took it, which I stayed on it for about a month. I used two scoops (servings) per workout; one in the very beginning of my workout and another at the end.

AllMax AminoCore

Before I jump into my review, let’s briefly talk about what AminoCore is. AminoCore is primarily branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). There’s a mix of B vitamins, which is a plus. And there are no fillers and no sugar.

AminoCore consists of a 45:30:25 ratio to best support protein synthesis. This is where conflicting studies come in as there are a few theories regarding the appropriate BCAA ratio. Let’s dive into my AminoCore review.

My AminoCore Review

I typically take two servings of BCAAs during my workouts. I followed that same trend with AminoCore. I started out my workout with a serving and mixed up another serving after finishing the weights, moving into my cardio.

Upon taking AminoCore, I had gone about a week with no amino acid supplement during my workouts. I can always feel the difference when I drop the aminos. My sustainable energy just isn’t there. Once I started taking AminoCore, I immediately had that energy back. I could pump out more reps and my workouts were lasting longer.

BCAA supplements either work pretty well for me or they don’t work at all. And I haven’t come across that many that don’t work for me. I would venture to say that AminoCore is in the top of it’s class for amino acids and intra workout supplements. The effects I expected were not only there but they were pronounced quite a bit compared to some other BCAAs I’ve taken in the past.

AllMax AminoCore Pros

  • Sustainable energy
  • Appropriate ratio of BCAAs
  • Ability to do more sets and reps, and train longer
  • Strength increased
  • Recovery time increased

AllMax AminoCore Cons

  • A little more expensive than its competitors (this is offset some by there being more servings in AminoCore)

AllMax Supplements

I want to add a quick blurb about AllMax supplements in general. I recently tried their protein powder, AllWhey. This immediate went to the short list of my go-to protein powders.

I had always heard that AllMax was a premium supplement brand. I was impressed with AllWhey and decided try AminoCore (I believe Southern Muscle had a special on AllMax supplements that day). And based on my experience so far, I’ll be trying more AllMax supplements in the near future.

Train with Passion,