Amino acids, the building blocks of protein. They don’t sound near as exciting as pre workouts, fat burners, or creatine. However, essential amino acids are almost a necessity for a few reasons, and I’ll cover those as we dig in to my AMINOD review, a recovery supplement from Purus Labs.

Facts About AMINOD

AMINOD from Purus Labs consist of the essential amino acids. This includes BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). It’s lactose free and dye free and the ingredients are instentized. AMINOD is considered a repletion supplement, which is based on helping your muscles recover faster.

Jason’s AMINOD Experience

AMINOD Review Purus Labs TheMuscleProgramThere are two high level concepts I use to judge an amino acid supplement. 1) Does it grant me sustainable muscle energy during my workouts? 2) Does it enhance my recovery time? If it does not do these, I won’t buy it again. AMINOD met both criteria and I’ll explain the details.

Sustainable energy during your workouts can mean the difference between new muscle growth and plateauing. I felt like Purus Labs AMINOD gave me that extra push to pump out more sets and reps. In fact, I was doing the 10×10 German Volume Training during this AMINOD review.

Recovery is an obvious factor in muscle growth. Simply put, if your muscles don’t recover, you don’t grow. AMINOD prevented extreme soreness (you cannot, and should not want to completely eliminate all soreness). My body was ready when it was time to train the next day.

One pet peeve I have with AMINOD is they don’t list the amount of each amino acid within the blend (this is listed as the AminODT EAA Repletion Matrix). I would like to know how much L-Leucine is in it.

Jason’s AMINOD Use

I took three scoops on workout days. I mixed the first one with my pre workout. I sipped on another during my weight training session. Lastly, I sipped on the third after the weights while doing cardio.

> 1 scoop of AMINOD pre workout
> 1 scoop of AMINOD intra workout
> 1 scoop of AMINOD post workout


Conclusion: AMINOD

I’ve always been impressed with Purus Labs and AMINOD is one more supplement I’ve added to my ‘A’ list. One of the things I didn’t notice prior to my AMINOD review was there is no dye. To me, the less unnatural stuff in a product, the better.

The bottom line is this is a great essential amino acid supplement. I know there’s some back and forth with ‘branched chain vs essential aminos.’ I don’t know that one is necessarily better than the other. I can only attest to my own results with these supplements.

Train with Passion,



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