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Jason’s Review of Assault | MusclePharm

I’ve been hearing about Assault pre workout from MusclePharm for a while now and finally decided to try it. I had been taking C4 Extreme, which had kind of lost it’s edge with me. I believe this happens with most every pre workout supplement over time; your body just gets used to it. I also wanted to steer away from the ultra concentrated pre workout formulas and take something with more substance. I wanted a blend of creatines, BCAAs, beta alanine, glutamine B vitamins, and of course the stimulants. Most pre workouts, even the concentrated formulas, have some of these ingredients but not all, and not in the doses I prefer.

My Use/Dosage of Assault

MusclePharm Assault contains 32 servings (I believe there’s also a bigger tub you can get with double that). The label states that half a scoop is one serving (which is 23 grams total). I normally start out with about 1.5 servings because rarely does 1 serving of any pre workout do anything for me. So I took 1.5 to 2 servings (which is just under 1 full scoop of Assault). As with any pre workout supplement I only took Assault on my training days, which at the time of writing this review is 5 days a week.

My Experience with MusclePharm Assault

MusclePharm Assault ReviewAt the time of writing this review, I’ve been taking MusclePharm Assault for about 2 weeks now. I just ordered another tub of Assault, and it’s rare that I take the same pre workout supplement twice in a row. I normally alternate between a couple. I could end this review of Assault pre workout with that statement, but I’ll share some details. I can’t say that MusclePharm Assault gave me a sudden surge of energy; however, it did give me the most sustainable energy during my workouts than I’ve ever had from anything else. A lot of that comes from not so much the stimulants but the amino acids, creatines (Assault contains a blend of creatines), beta alanine, and several other ingredients.

Mental focus is also something I noticed when taking MusclePharm Assault. I’feel more alert after taking Assault than I do with most other pre workouts. I also noticed an increased in the amount of weight I could push, sets I could perform, and reps I could do. I attribute this to the creatine blend and BCAAs in Assault. I didn’t expect any increase in strength because I’ve been dropping some body fat and water weight lately, and you normally don’t gain strength when cutting.

Pros: Sustainable energy during workouts, extreme mental focus, ability to train harder and do more sets and reps, strength increases, no crash.

Cons: No downsides to Assault.

MusclePharm Assault will more than likely now be a part of my go-to pre workout supplements. I normally don’t spend so much time on the label of supplements like I did in the above Assault video review. But I wanted to point out some of the ingredients I was looking for in a pre workout supplement. Assault contains everything I was wanting to get in my system before training. And as I stated before, most of the ultra concentrated pre workout formulas lack a lot of these ingredients, especially the BCAAs. Assault is loaded with BCAAs so that’s also a plus. On that note, MusclePharm Assault is definitely worth a try. I’ve already recommended to my gym buddies.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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