Atomic 7 Review


I haven’t tried a ton of BCAA-based supplements though I’ve had my share of supplements that contain BCAAs as most post workout formulas contain them (if that makes sense). I can attest to a noticeable increase in sustainable energy throughout my workouts when I started taking BCAAs during my workout. With Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 I’ve noticed a substantial difference in sustainable energy for intra workout.

At the time of writing this review, I’ve been taking Atomic 7 both intra and post workout for almost 2 months now. After that I went 1 day without taking it during my workout just as an experiment and noticed that I ‘ran out of gas’ a lot earlier in my workout.

My Use/Dosage of Atomic 7

2 scoops per day on workout days (1 scoop = 1 serving). I generally take 1 scoop during my workout and another scoop immediately after my workout.

I take Atomic 7 by itself during my workout, sipping between sets, and (as I’m writing this) I mix 1 scoop of Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 with 1 rounded scoop of Universal Storm and take that post workout (if I were not using Storm I would mix Atomic 7 with another creatine-based supplement, or just plain creatine monohydrate). In the past I’ve used other post workout formulas and I may go back to that at some point, but for now I’m sticking with Atomic 7 + Storm post workout. On non-training days I usually do not take Atomic 7 at all.

My Experience with Atomic 7

My intent in trying Atomic 7 was simply for intra workout. I was taking Scivation Xtend before that, which is a great product and I can’t really say one is better than the other. I had been taking Universal Storm (a creatine based supplement) for several months because it’s very inexpensive and extremely effective; however, I also wanted some sort of amino acid complex to add to my immediate post workout mix, so I started adding a scoop of Atomic 7 to my Storm mix.

I’ve noticed enhanced recovery and have also experienced more muscle fullness wit Atomic 7 added to my supplement regimen. You may be thinking ‘why not just buy a post workout formula?’ Well, I find Atomic 7 + Storm to not only be just as, if not more effective than any post workout formula I’ve tried, but also more cost effective.

Pros: The ingredients in Atomic 7 (and the amount of each ingredient) are proven to be effective, the serving size is perfect, and you can’t beat the price, of course that’s dependent upon where you buy your supplements. More importantly, the bottom line is my workouts are more intense and I have more sustainable energy during my workout. I also feel like I recover faster.

Cons: Nada!

Most of you know I’m a fan of Universal supplements of which many Universal products have become a staple in my supplement plan. I’m a fan of BCAA products as well for intra and post workout. The first product I started taking for intra workout was Scivation Xtend which again is a great product (I believe they now have a new Xtend formula that also includes electrolytes). But what I like more about Universal’s Atomic 7 is that it includes taurine, which is known to enhance performance. The bottom line is that using Atomic 7 during and immediately after my workouts has granted me more intense workouts, more sustainable muscle energy, greater recovery, and overall muscle fullness. And I must reiterate that Atomic 7 + Universal Storm is probably the most effective post workout mix I’ve ever taken.

Uh oh, I didn’t rate Atomic 7 for taste! Seriously, I could care less about how a product tastes; what counts is the effectiveness. But I will say I’m pleased with the taste of Atomic 7’s flavors so far. I believe I’ve had what they call ‘Way Out Watermelon’ and ‘Groovy Grape.’ They taste fine but again, I’m not taking this stuff for taste. If I want taste, I’ll go to a buffet or eat pizza.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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