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We live in an age where performance enhancing supplements are rampant. Pre-workout supplements have become the center of attention in the bodybuilding supplement industry. For some, myself include, pre-workouts sups are a must.

I’ve come to depend on them. It’s not that we can’t get a solid workout without them. But we now realize that our workout intensity, mental focus, pumps, and energy levels are so much greater when taking pre-workout supplements, such as the one I’m reviewing here  called Condense by Purus Labs.

Purus Labs Condense is a unique pre-workout supplement that does not contain the typical ingredients and doses you see in most pre-training supplements. This powerful pre-workout is advertised as an extreme vasodilation performance enhancer. Condense is said to truly increase blood flow into the muscles creating skin-bursting pumps while improving the absorption of nutrients, maintaining a steady level of energy throughout your workout, and increasing oxygen delivery.

My Use/Dosage of Condense

Purus Labs suggests that you take 1-2 servings of Condense 10 minutes prior to your workout. I chose to take 2 servings of Condense pre workout simply because I wanted the full dose of ingredients listed which we’ll get to below. The label states you can also take Condense on non-training days; however, I stuck to just taking it before my workouts, only on the days I train.

Condense Pre-Workout Review

Purus Labs Condense Pre WorkoutI’ll start out by saying that Purus Labs Condense has earned it’s place in my elite pre-workout supplement category. I could stop there but I want to share some details of my experience. For starters, Condense kicks in a lot faster than most pre-workout supplements I’ve taken. The label isn’t lying when it says take 10 minutes prior to training. My drive to the gym is about that long and I’m feeling it before I make it to the gym. So once I rack the weight for my set, I’m ready. I also noticed that Condense does indeed produce extreme pumps in the gym. My mental focus is better than ever, and I actually feel more blood being pumped into the muscle.

Condense also works consistently for me without modifying the dosage. There are a ton of pre-workout supplements that may work for me but only for a few days. The effects of Condense do not wear off and you never have to increase your dose for continuous results. I can also tell that I have more oxygen and can train harder, longer.

So I’m pumping out more sets and reps than I normally do. I also have more explosive power when taking Condense pre-workout and my energy levels are sustained throughout my entire workout. There’s no crash or any negative side effects with Condense.

Pros: Extreme muscle pumps, increased oxygen, ability to pump out more sets and reps, consistent energy day after day, more explosive power, works fast, and enhanced energy and mental focus .

Cons: None.

Condense Preworkout Review Conclusion

I don’t typically go over the label in depth but I do want to touch on the ingredients in Purus Labs Condense. Condense contains a very unique and powerful blend of nitrates. In fact, Nitratene is patent-pending nitrate blend. Beta Ahnydrous and Beta Alanine are also in the mix, which are extremely potent ingredients to have for increasing oxygen and blood flow.

Another fact I’d like to point out is Condense is one of the only pre workout supplements that actually contains effective doses of their core ingredients. I can also tell from experience the ingredients in Purus Labs Condense are pure and of high quality due to the effects I’m getting.

At the time of writing this review I’m getting ready to order my 2nd container of Purus Labs Condense. This supplement is a game changer for pre workouts, in my opinion. I’m also looking forward to trying some other Purus Labs supplements based on my experience with Condense. I definitely recommend that you give Purus Labs Condense a shot for your next pre-workout supplement order.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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