Elite Whey Protein Review

I don’t know that there’s any supplement on the market that’s as important to bodybuilders as whey protein. In fact, I personally don’t even consider this a supplement. This is thrown into my food budget as a necessity as it’s a consistent part of my daily meals.

The bottom line is your body needs ‘whey’ more protein (sorry for the pun) than the average person. It’s difficult to get adequate daily protein from whole foods alone (though you should get as much from whole foods as possible). Whey protein is also king for post workout. This leads me to my Dymatize Elite Whey Protein review.

Before I get into my review of Dymatize Nutrition’s whey product, let’s briefly discuss why whey protein is so important. For starters, it’s a fast acting, quickly absorbed source of protein (this is why many take whey before and after workouts because these are times when it’s imperative to feed your body protein and other nutrients immediately). It’s absorbed through the small intestine allowing amino acids to enter the bloodstream faster giving whey protein the highest biological value of all other protein sources. In short, whey is superior for building and repairing muscle tissue.

In my opinion what it really boils down to is the quality of the product and preference in taste. All it takes is one time with a poor quality protein powder sending you to the white throne several times a day, turning you into a salad shooter. Sorry for the graphic explanation here but I’ve had some bad experiences.

Taste becomes an issue too and this is probably due to when I was younger, there were some extremely nasty powders on the market, yet we chugged them down anyway. Trust me, today’s worst tasting product out ‘wheys’ the old school’s best tasting version (seriously, another pun?). In my opinion, Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Isolate tastes good and provides all the muscle building benefits I would expect from a whey protein powder.

My Usage of Dymatize Elite Whey

I usually use 1.5 to 2 scoops of this in my post workout shake. I usually mix it with skim or 2% milk along with a banana and will sometimes add all natural peanut butter to the mix. I also take 1.5 to 2 scoops for my 3:30PM meal and I usually have another shake before bed. This is my standard use of whey protein during the week.

On weekends I normally have a the same post workout protein shake as soon as I wake up and and whey with milk before bed. I may or may not have a protein shake in the middle of the day on weekends. I also use 1 scoop before workouts and I’ll normally take some sort of pre workout supplement with it (I train early mornings).

My Experience with Dymatize Protein

Pros: Superior quality, it’s relatively inexpensive, has digestive enzymes, won’t upset your stomach, tastes great, and mixes well. All that being said, this is the best whey protein product I’ve ever had and will more than likely always take this.

Cons: None. Compared to other protein powders I’ve tried (which is just about every brand out there), this one is hands-down the best, in my opinion.

I’ve been taking Click Here for Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein for several years now from the time of this review. I’ve thrown other whey products in here and there, but always reverted back to this one. Most other whey products kill my stomach.

The interesting thing about this product is it has a digestive enzyme matrix. I’ve tried chocolate, vanilla, and cookies and cream. I prefer chocolate but none of the other flavors were bad. I’ve also tried other proteins from Dymatize such the Elite Whey (non-all natural) and Elite Gourmet which is a blend of whey and casein.

I prefer the all natural because there’s no artificial flavors. The whey casein mix is good but I mix most of my whey shakes with milk and milk has casein. I don’t want to go overboard and have to buy both whey and casein (or whey and a whey/casein mix).

As extreme as us weight trainers are, most of us are on some sort of budget. Let’s be realistic; you can’t forego your electric bill because you had to buy multiple protein powders that month. Another thing I like about Dymatize is that their All Natural Whey mixes extremely easy. I blend my shakes with milk, bananas, and such but it also mixes very well and quickly stirring it and in a shaker cup.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth

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