Finaflex Stimul8 Pre Workout Review

I remember walking into Southern Muscle here in Brandon, FL where I live and asking ‘What’s the new-best pre workout supplement on the market?‘ I had just come off of something that was weak and just wasn’t working for me. So I wanted a pre workout that was going to deliver that surge of energy. And of course for the sake of my ongoing supplement reviews, I was interested in trying something new. From that comes my FINAFLEX Stimula8 review.

Those that know me and follow The Muscle Program know I train early mornings. I’m typically on my first set by 4:45AM, so I rely heavily of pre workout supplements (I’m a proud addict). Most of the pre workouts I’ve tried work ok for the most part. There are a few that don’t do anything for me, and another few that remain in my ‘go-to‘ bag. So how does Stimul8 measure up? Read on to find out!

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What is Stimul8?

FINAFLEX Stimul8 is a shredding pre workout supplement that’s advertised to take your workouts to the next level. As pointed out on the label, Stimul8 is used for endurance, unparalleled energy, extreme thermogenesis, and increased power and strength. I’m pretty much giving you what the label says here.

Stimul8 could also fall under the extreme fat burner category. It contains a shredding matrix, which is a blend of what they call exotic stimulants. This is said to push your body to a state of extreme thermogenesis. So you’re essentially taking a supplement to help you get ripped and get the most out of your workouts, which the two go hand-in-hand. A pre-workout fat burner.

My FINAFLEX Stimul8 Experience

Let’s knock out the preliminary stuff first. The label states to take one scoop and it’s pretty clear in stating do not exceed the recommended dosage. It also states to not take Stumul8 for more than 60 days consecutively. I started out with one scoop. Well, a rounded scoop.

Normally I have to bump up my pre workout supplement to another scoop or more after a few days. At the time of writing this Stumul8 review, I’ve been taking Stumul8 for about three weeks. I haven’t gone over the dosage I startd out with; one rounded scoop. So my 40 servings will last me well over a month!FINAFLEX Stimul8 Review - The Muscle Program

Stimuli has proven to be exactly what I was looking for in a pre workout supplement. It works fairly quickly. My commute to the gym is about 20 minutes and by the time I get there, I’m feeling it kick in. And it’s a surge of energy. Even after just doing a couple warm up sets, I’m pumped and in the zone. The pre workout energy and pump effects are nothing short of amazing for me. Stimul8 has been added to my go-to list of pre workout supplements.

I can’t be certain about the fat burning effects of Stimul8. But I’ve upped my cardio intensity since I’ve been taking it. Granted, I only walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes or so. And of course being able to workout harder and train longer obviously burns more calories. So in that sense, I guess the fat burning effects do indeed work.

Stimul8 Review Breakdown

I’ll break down my Stimul8 review and results below with my pros and cons. In short, Stimul8 works quite well for me. And more importantly, it’s worked consistently even at the same dose (again, I normally have to increase my pre workout dosage over time).

FINAFLEX Stimul8 Pros

♦ Surge of energy

♦ Mental focus and drive are on key

♦ The energy is sustaining throughout my workout

♦ Ability to pump out more sets, reps and overall training volume

♦ Increased intensity

♦ Increased strength (I’ve noticed my numbers have been gradually increasing)

♦ No crash

♦ Two-in-one supplement with it being a pre workout and fat burner

FINAFLEX Stimul8 Cons

◊ The stimulants may be a little high for some folks

Conclusion: FINAFLEX Stimul8 Review

My final thoughts on FINAFLEX Stimul8 is I will certainly pick up this stuff again.  Like I said earlier, there are a select few pre workout supplements that I keep on my go-to list. This stuff has been added to that list. In fact, it’s probably towards the top (this list is kinda small).

I’ll end my FINAFLEX  Stimul8 review on this thought: No matter how great a pre workout supplement is, I still believe it’s important to alternate these types of supplements. Your body will adapt to specific blends of ingredients. Although I’m still getting the same effects from Stimul8 after several weeks, I’ll more than likely take something else when I run out. But I can assure you I’ll take Stimul8 again.

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