GAT Nitraflex Review

For whatever reason it took me several years to get around to trying NItraflex preworkout. I had a few gym buddy’s tell me about it and never heard anything negative. It was all good reviews. Not exceptional or mind-blowing, but good.

GAT Nitraflex Review Pre Workout Supplements

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Before I get into my Nitraflex review, let me give a little history behind the company that makes it. GAT, German American Technologies (you’ll also see ‘TeamGAT’ and GAT Sport’), is considered one of the providers of extreme¬†supplements. They’re dedicated to serious bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes. And they’re pretty big on quality control with their supplements. You can read more about them on their direct TeamGAT About Us page here.

What is Nitraflex?

Nitraflex is among the many preworkout supplements. But it offers some unique components that make it stand out. It’s labeled as a hyperemia and testosterone enhancing power. Among that, it’s highly concentrated (I’ll talk more about that below) and clinically-studied with vasoactive compounds.

Jason’s Nitraflex Pre Workout Experience

I will break this down by bullet points with he pros and cons. But let’s cover the preliminaries. I constantly take some sort of preworkout or energy supplement. I don’t quite recall what I was taking prior to GAT Nitraflex, but I do remember it being fairly weak. Once I jumped on Nitraflex, my energy levels were what I would expect from a potent preworkout. In other words, I was pretty happy.

Secondly, I never went above one serving. Well, ok, I take a slightly rounded scoop of everything. But I stuck with the same dose before each workout and never experienced any degrading effects in my Nitraflex review. That’s an extremely good thing!

Nitraflex Review Pros

  • Energy was spot-on and sustainable throughout my workouts
  • Isn’t overly stimulated
  • Never felt the need to increase the dose/serving
  • No crash and no jitters
  • Pumps were noticeable
  • Had more strength and power during workouts

Nitraflex Review Cons

  • I cannot attest to any testosterone boosting benefits (more on this below)
  • I think adding creatine to this would make it the perfect preworkout

The pros far outweighs the cons, and the cons aren’t really cons, if you think about it. I’m personally not interested in most over the counter testosterone boosters, and certainly don’t care to have that in my preworkout. I get it, it’s a selling point. And I can expect that. But I could take it or leave it. And unless you’re getting your testosterone levels checked through blood work before and after taking it, you’re not going to know if it actually increased your testosterone. That’s my two cents on the subject.

Im a huge fan of creatine. Many worry about retaining water but if you drink enough water, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Even without creatine, Nitraflex is an extremely powerful and solid preworkout. I just think that one addition would make it the ultimate preworkout supplement.

Overall, I give Nitraflex preworkout 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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More on My Nitraflex Review and Preworkout Supplements

GAT Nitraflex is also labeled as a concentrated, or rather ‘highly concentrated’ pre workout. This was appealing at one time but to me words like that just means less ingredients, which in turn is less cost to the company. Another thing I’ll say ‘I get it’ to. I understand. In the case of my Nitraflex review, I’m ok with this simply because Nitraflex produces some pretty damn good results. Many others in this category have fallen short.

Preworkout supplements have been an extreme craze among us gym goers for years now. And I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Face it, pre workouts make you have better workouts. $30 a month, give or take, is a small price for better workouts.

All that said, it’s a gamble, unless you’ve had it before and know it works for you. And that’s another thing, not everyone responds equally the same to preworkout supplements. I’ve taken stuff others have sworn by and was disappointed. I’ll reiterate what I said earlier; I’ve never heard anything, and I mean anything remotely negative about GAT Nitraflex, or GAT supplements in general. I’m going to be trying some of their other supplements, so stay tuned for those reviews.

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