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An imperative factor for muscle growth is proper recovery after an intense workout. Most of us realize that our muscle don’t grow in the gym, they grow while you’re resting. During your time outside of the gym you should be feeding your body nutrients. But there are also certain supplements that will help enhance the recovery process. Glutamine is a supplement that may aide in proper recovery after an intense workout. It’s also said to help reduce muscle soreness. Of all amino acids glutamine is the most abundant. Glutamine promotes recovery and fight catabolic effects which helps you maintain an anabolic state. Its known to preserve muscle tissue while restricting calories. Glutamine is also known to be stimulate growth hormone.

Here’s my experience on a specific brand called Glutaform by Primaforce. First of all, there are a ton of post workouts formulas that contain glutamine. Some of these are great but the labels often do not provide the exact amount of each individual supplement (they’re hidden in a propriety blend). So if you want control over how much glutamine you’re taking it’s best to go with pure glutamine which is what Glutaform is.

My Use/Dosage of Glutaform

There are two specific times I’ll take Glutaform, or any pure glutamine product. One is post workout. If I’m taking a post workout formula that I don’t feel has adequete amounts of glutamine or any other amino acids used for recovery I’ll throw some extra glutamine in (about 5-7 grams). The other time I’ll take glutamine (Glutaform) is before bed. If I had to choose between the two times I would take glutamine before bed over post workout. When I took this supplement before bed, specifically Glutaform, I slept better and felt I recovered faster.

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My Experience with Glutaform

Pros: As I stated above I slept better when taking Glutaform before bed. I also felt I recovered faster and I wasn’t as sore after workouts.

Cons: Glutamine in general is a little more expensive than some of the other pure supplements but I’ve never had any issues with Primaforce Glutaform.

I don’t always use Glutaform or glutamine on it’s own. It’s said that BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are effective for recovery as well. Some BCAA products include glutamine. Although I do take BCAAs or EAAs during and after my workouts, for bed time I choose only glutamine. This is effective and helps keep costs down. Let’s be honest, we can’t spend out entire paycheck on supplements.

I said the same thing in my review on Creaform, Primaforce’s pure creatine monohydrate product: “I personally like the brand Primaforce. They seem to be a no frills supplement company with effective products. All of their product labels read ‘HPLC Tested for Potency and Purity.’ Now I’m not 100% sure what this means in full context but it does tell me that there’s a certain standard adhered to.”

By the way, a great old school supplement stack would be using Creaform and Glutaform together. Creatine and glutamine is a very effective muscle building stack.

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