New Hemo Rage Review


Several years ago I recall trying one of the best pre workout supplements on the planet in my opinion, of course). I’m not sure what happened but this supplement disappeared for a while. It was just about a month ago when I got a package in the from Nutrex. I had no clue this was coming to me (I get stuff in the mail from time to time because I’ve done so many supplement reviews). In that box was the new Hemo Rage.

I finished this a couple of weeks prior to writing this new Hemo Rage review. It was refreshing to get this because I had been on something else that just wasn’t cutting it for energy.

I’ll be truthful here; I rely heavily on pre workout supplements and I prefer the one’s that are high on the stimulant side. Most of you know I train early mornings. I’m typically on my first set  by 4:45AM. That said, pre workout supplements are a standard part of my regimen.

New Hemo Rage Pre Workout

Before I dive into my new Hemo Rage review, let’s talk a little about what this product is and what it does. It’s advertised as ‘Hemo-Rage Black Ultra Concentrate.’ On the bottle you’ll see that it states ‘Extreme Potency’ and ‘Pre-Workout Detonator.’ (Detonator is actually a Ratt album – sorry, I’m an 80’s metal buff).

Here are some of the highlights of the new Hemo Rage pre workout from Nutrex. Some of this is the basic stuff you would expect from such a supplement. I’ll list them anyway and then we’ll talk about whether or not it lives up to it’s claims.

» Intense energy

» Zoned-in focus

» Razor sharp metal clarity

» Ability to push beyond your normal limits

» Extreme pumps

I’m not going to go in depth into the new Hemo Rage label. There are two matrixes. One is the Maximum Pump Activator, which consists of the ingredients that help increase blood flow. This includes ‘AgMass‘ which appears to be an enhanced version of Agmatine Sulfate.

The second matrix is called Beyond Extreme Energy Detonator. This contains several ingredients for increasing energy and enhancing mental focus.

My Experience – New Hemo Rage

New Hemo Rage - Nutrex Pre WorkoutLet me first tell you how and when I take my pre workout supplements. As I stated, I train in the early mornings. And I don’t eat any solid food before I workout. My usual routine is to take a heaping serving of amino acids and I mix that with whatever pre workout supplement I’m taking at the time. I used the same protocol with the new Hemo Rage.

Although the Hemo Rage label instructs you to start out with a 1/2 scoop, I went with a full one (which is one serving). I’ve been doing this stuff for a while and even the most extreme stimulants don’t seem to impact me as much.

I’d love to break this out by day, or even by week. But the deal is this stuff works and it works amazingly well. At least for me. I realize we’re all different and respond to different supplements and/or ingredients. My pumps were insane, my focus was indeed what they call ‘razor-sharp’ and my energy levels were extreme. That being said, there’s no crash or any of the weird feelings I’ve gotten from other strong pre workout supplements.

Old Hemo Rage vs New Hemo Rage

I wish I had a chart or something giving you a rundown of the differences between the old version of Hemo Rage and this new version from Nutrex. I’m sure there are some variances with the types of ingredients. Pre workout supplements have been under constant scrutiny. This is something I wish would stop, but I won’t get into that. Let’s just say there are far worse things you can put into your body.

My opinion on the old Hemo Rage vs the new Hemo Rage is the effects are the same. And this is really what I was hoping for. All too often a company will come out with a new version of a product only to find that it’s not as potent or doesn’t work as well. I was extremely happy to find the new version works as well as the old one. On that note, I can’t really say one is better than the other. However, I can say that I’ll be buying the new Hemo Rage again. Like the old version, Nutrex’s new version will be among my short list of ‘go-to‘ pre workout supplements.

Train with Passion,